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Vuković Ognjen

UA specialist worked with GE, Daniel Wellington, OSP

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    Hello there!
    I am Ognjen, and I am an all-around digital sales specialist worked with various brands, both online and offline, globally and locally.

    Product, service, SaaS, or something in between - you name it!
    I am here to help you and your business with number one threat out there - user acquisition.

    And yes, sales is a wide and complex branch and I must be honest with you and admit that although I cover it all, my passion and field of expertise is lead generation management, user acquisition management, and custom sales funnel architecturing, specialized for your, and you business only...

    So If you feel like you need help with creating nice, stable and scalable sales model - I would love to hear a word from you.
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    Conversion Optimization

    Lead Acquisition

    Lead Generation

    User Activation