Welcome to WeGrowth’s resources page! Here you’ll find everything you need to improve your marketing skills and work your way to the top of the growth hacking chain. From SEO and content marketing, to data and analytics, we’ve made sure to cover every possible topic that might be of use to you. We hope this will assist you on your marketing journey and remember—if you have any other suggestions let us know.

Search Engine Optimization plays one of the key roles in digital marketing, which is why it’s important to master it as soon as possible. If done right, it can bring valuable organic traffic for your business and help you rank #1 on Google’s SERPs. Below is a list of websites that offer a great insight into SEO and its best practices, and they will definitely help you take your SEO skills to the next level.



Founded back in 2004 (as SEOMoz) by Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz and Fishkin is known as the “Wizard of Moz” and he’s one of the leaders in the field of search engine optimization. Moz offers highly informative posts about everything SEO plus a couple of super useful tools for anyone who’s part of the marketing niche.

Brian Dean created Backlinko in 2012 and since then has made quite a name for himself in the world of search engine optimization and marketing. Backlinko shows you how to get higher rankings via blog posts which contain various tips, strategies, and techniques. It’s truly a resource you shouldn’t miss out on.

QuickSprout was founded by Neil Patel, who’s been called a top influencer on the web by The Wall Street Journal. Patel is also the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics, and his blogs can truly provide you with some invaluable information when it comes to marketing. QuickSprout deals with everything, from copywriting to YouTube search optimization.

Matthew Woodward is the mastermind behind this great award-winning website which will help you with all the things you’ve wanted to know about SEO. Woodward publishes tutorials and case studies and teaches his readers about conversion rate optimization, link building, SEO, and more.

Search Engine Land was founded by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, but it’s led by Matt McGee who is Editor-in-Chief at both SEL and Marketing Land. SEL covers stories from the world of marketing, follows the latest news, and provides you with useful updates regarding SEO, SEM, Google, etc. A great place to learn the basics of marketing.

Search Engine Journal functions like a big community because all articles come from various contributors i.e. marketing experts. The website was founded in 2003 by Jenise Uehara Henrikson, the CEO of Alpha Brand Media, and it offers everything from the basics of content marketing to PPC and news from the digital world.

Gotch SEO was founded by Nathan Gotch, who is a renowned SEO expert and entrepreneur. This is a white label solutions company that offers SEO training, a couple of useful services, and a blog with a variety of tips and tricks to help you become a better marketer. You definitely won’t regret giving it a look-over.

CognitiveSEO has been around since 2010 and what it does is offer a set of tools that can help you not only rank, but also monitor your website a lot better. Aside from these tools, cognitiveSEO also has a blog that will assist you with your SEO endeavours and a number of very useful case studies.

Lewis Ogden is the man behind Cloud Income and this website has a variety of fantastic content that will help you learn more about SEO. Tried-and-tested strategies, guides, reviews, case studies, how-to guides and so much more is available to you on this website. It also offers a great list of recommended tools for you to use.

The purpose of Cloud Living is to help “10,000 people over the next 5 years to make their first $1,000 monthly through the power of building and growing content-driven affiliate websites”. The founder of Cloud Living, Tung Tran, says this can be done with step-by-step training, case studies, articles and tools—it has worked for him, so be sure to give it a try.

Quality always trumps quantity. That is also the case with this blog. Tyler Hakes, the author of the posts, really gives his best to empower readers and share his knowledge about content strategies, SEO and marketing, in general. It’s definitely a resource you shouldn’t miss checking out.

Often confused with digital marketing, growth hacking actually presents the process of finding the best way to grow a business via experimentation and product development. Startups usually count on growth hacking to help them out in the beginning with their business, but they’re not the only ones—established companies also use growth hacking to their advantage! If you want to learn about growth hacking in depth, then one of the links below is just for you.

The CEO and founder of Growth Hackers is Sean Ellis—the father of growth hacking. He came up with the term first and said “A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth”. If this is not enough to inspire you, we don’t know what is. This website has a community of its own where you can learn a lot from growth hacking masters.

You’ve probably heard of Brian Balfour—he’s the founder/CEO of Reforge and used to be VP Growth at HubSpot. Well, Coelevate is also his and this is where he will help you build a growth machine and master growth hacking. He doesn’t offer simple tricks and hacks, but in-depth insights and guides.

Another website founded by Neil Patel and run by Brian Kelly. Aside from its superb services and products, Kissmetrics also offers a blog that’s full of valuable information for your strategies and campaigns. As the page’s title says, it was “built to optimize growth”, so it will surely be of great use to you in this area.

Bullas created this website back in 2009 when he was, as he puts it, “between jobs”. Now in 2017, it’s one of the best websites for growth hackers and marketers. It contains a number of sections, including a blog full of content, social media, advertising, and business ideas and tips. He has a page with resources, as well, so check it out.

The CEO and founder of Growth Hackers is Sean Ellis—the father of growth hacking. He came up with the term first and said “A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth”. If this is not enough to inspire you, we don’t know what is. This website has a community of its own where you can learn a lot from growth hacking masters.

Unbounce has been around since 2009 and it’s the place to be if you want to increase your website and campaign conversions. Unbounce offers over 125 landing page and overlay templates that you can use for your website, but more importantly it has a blog that’s a great source of information for marketers.

Good UI


GoodUI is a website where you can find exactly 111 tests that were performed on various landing pages and websites—just perfect if you want to raise your conversions! The idea behind this site is to provide readers with A/B tests than can be easily done by anybody. Check out GoodUI to get ideas what to test on your website and compare your results to results of other people.

Ahrefs is a great tool that can help you learn more about a certain website. Furthermore, their blog is a place where you can find advice not only on making the most out of the site explorer, but also on improving your SEO and marketing skills. The Ahrefs blog will provide you with detailed tutorials, case studies and opinion pieces from marketing practitioners and industry experts.

If you want your product to succeed, you need to understand the data and metrics behind it. Analytics play a huge part in growth hacking/marketing, because this data helps you improve your strategies and find the best opportunities for your business. If you don’t watch out for your metrics, you’ll never find out what your product and audience needs. We have a couple of websites that will help you understand just what you need data & analytics for.



Created and run by Avinash Kaushik, this blog consists of a diversity of press articles, web analytics videos, marketing podcasts, and various blog posts. Kaushik says that his posts should help you find new content, discover answers to some of your most burning questions, and learn everything there is about analytics.

Kunal Jain has spent over 6 years in the field of Business Analytics, which makes him more than qualified to talk about analytics and data. According to him, this blog and its resources are meant for people willing to learn the subject. The website offers tips and tricks, tutorials, interviews, and more.



Justin Cutroni is Google’s Analytics Advocate who has written three books on the topic of analytics. If you want to tackle Google Analytics and anything data-related, then his blog is just for you. You can even sign up for his newsletters to keep up with his posts and find out first what’s new in the world of analytics.

Everyone and their grandmother uses social media nowadays, but do you know how important it is to promote your product/service/business on social networks? This is the way for you to reach out to your audience and let them know how they can benefit from your business. If you learn how to manage Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, you’ll quickly rise to the top. Learn all the social media marketing tips and tricks on one of the links below.

Social Media Examiner is a community for marketers where members receive the necessary training and connect with other marketers (kind of like WeGrowth). Michael Stelzner is the founder and CEO of this great website, and if there’s anything you wanted to know about social media, this website is your chance to find out.

Meet Jon Loomer: a husband and a father to three sons, but also an “accidental marketer” as he calls himself. He launched his website back in 2011 and started writing about topics that interested him, mostly social media. Needless to say, the business evolved. Now, Jon offers training for the Facebook Pixel and other areas of social media.

Simply Measured was founded in 2010 and consists of “data geeks” whose passion is helping marketers improve results by “measuring the full funnel”. They have their own product, but also a page with resources and their blog where you can read about content and social marketing, and find out what’s new in the digital world.

Buffer is a powerful tool that allows you to schedule social media posts with ease, but in addition to that, you can learn new things from the company’s social media blog. The folks at Buffer like to share various hacks, tips, tricks, and ideas with their audience that can truly help you boost your social media game.

Quality content is the way to your audience’s heart. If you write a compelling and informative blog post or article, people won’t be able to resist reading it. However, content marketing is not as easy as it may seem. It requires you to do your research, be creative and unique, and come up with different types of content in order to keep your users on their toes. Websites found below will make sure you do blogging and content writing justice.

Darren Rowse started ProBlogger in 2002 in order to help other bloggers learn the skill of blogging and, eventually, earn money from their own blogs. Rowse’s blog consists of over 8000 articles, tutorials, case studies, and tips, and it’s truly a great place for you to get familiar with blogging. You can also enjoy his eBooks, resources, and podcasts.

Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot is one of the most popular websites out there that offers truly great information on content and marketing, in general. The website features HubSpot’s own products (software) and blogs on marketing and sales. Be sure to give it a read, HubSpot do have a lot of smart things to say.

Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones are the two people behind Copy Hackers, a great website for content marketers in the making. Aside from posts on copywriting, growth marketing, and freelancing, you can also find tutorials and courses which can help you out if you’re new to all of this. Some courses are free, for some you have to sign up, but either way, it’s pretty useful!

The Sales Lion, created by Marcus Sheridan, is a Platinum partner of HubSpot and a fantastic resource website for anyone interested in content marketing. The Sales Lion offers workshops, has a part with posts about content marketing, and a learning centre where you’ll find the company’s blog, educational materials, and so much more.

Created by Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger is the website for anyone looking to hone their content and blogging skills. The website talks about “being intentional with your blogging efforts” and offers tips, resources, and even products that should help you out with your blog writing. They even have a list of tools you can use for your work.

Content Marketing Institute was launched back in 2007 under the name Junta42. It was founded by Joe Pulizzi, a content marketing evangelist, and the website’s main purpose is to educate others about content marketing. From articles to resources, training to their own magazine, there’s something for every content marketer on this site.

Ian Cleary is the author of this blog and he mainly writes for small business owners. He covers a wide variety of topics regarding online marketing, so his posts are often for the beginner levels. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t share great tips and tricks for all levels of knowledge. However, the most valuable content on his blog are definitely online tool reviews—really useful posts that will surely save you time.

CoSchedule covers both content marketing and social media topics, but it is gaining popularity as an expert copywriting/content marketing blog. Besides valuable posts written by their in-house writers, the blog also invites real experts to share their knowledge and experience. By following CoSchedule, you’ll get the opportunity to read articles from people working for the companies like Intercom, Wishpond, BuzzSumo and many more.

Kimra Luna is a business strategist that managed to create a community of over 40 thousand people on her Facebook group. In addition, she runs a website, Freedom Hackers, where she shares interesting and useful articles usually based on personal experience. Her mission is to make you a “freedom hacker”, so take advantage of her knowledge—the girl knows her business.

On this publication, you can find everything SaaS-related. Openview Labs gives you industry experts that focus on early stage and growth phase of product development. Articles you can find here cover everything startup related: market research, product, sales, marketing, HR, customer success, etc.

Internet or online marketing is just what its name says: the process of promoting your brand, services, or products all over the Internet. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye and if you want to become an expert in this area, you’ll need to learn all there is to know about affiliate, email, and display marketing. We have just the resources to get you started.

From Pat Flynn comes a great website that will help you learn all there is to know about Internet marketing. Through tried-and-tested strategies, Flynn teaches his readers how to run their online business and acquire passive income—money that doesn’t require a lot of manual effort. Blog, podcasts, and resources are all available to you.

Niche Hacks is all about “hot niche ideas, done for you niche research, and niche domination shortcuts”. The team behind this website can help you find the perfect niche for you, but the website also offers resources and articles on various topics that can help you with you SEO, affiliate marketing, and more.

Over the years, Glen Allsopp has “built a dozen niche online marketing agencies” and now he wants to help other marketers do the same. Allsopp created Viper Chill back in 2006 and has since then filled it with all sorts of valuable content related to link building, generating traffic, and different approaches on making money online.

Chris Ducker decided to launch his blog/website in 2010, after a burnout at work. His blog will provide you with all the tips, tactics, and tools you need to start, run, maintain, and grow your business. You’ve got your blog posts, podcasts, and resources, so you take a look what it is that you need the most at the moment.

Spencer Haws is an expert when it comes to creating niche websites websites and buying and selling websites. He knows what it takes to run a business and he’s decided to share it with you via his blog posts and podcasts. He has a section meant to motivate you, a section with all of his projects, and a section with various tools.

Matthew Allen is a truck driver by day, and an Internet marketer by night! All jokes aside, though, Allen has figured out how to get to passive income and decided to share his experiences with the rest of the world. On his website, you’ll find resources, income reports, and diverse posts on blogging, keyword research, niche sites, and more.

John Jantsch is the man behind Duct Tape Marketing and the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network. You can use one of the website’s services to help your business out or you can check out the company’s blog for great tips on marketing. You can even subscribe to podcasts

What Raven Tools does is allow you to create campaigns if you get an account there, but more importantly, the company’s blog covers various topics that will teach you a thing or two about SEO, link building, analytics, etc. It’s worth checking out and you can take a look at what Raven Tools is really all about.



Filled with actionable advice and data-driven research, this blog can very well be your one-stop-shop for email marketing. This Australian startup, recognized by many reputable publications, writes from their own experience, so you can rest assured that all solutions they propose are tried and tested.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business, coach or teacher—Crowdcast is the simplest way for you to connect live (webinars, videos, etc.). However, if you’re just looking for useful insights, then the blog section is the place to be. Read useful articles on topics related to the business culture, product promotion, engineering and much more. This is stories, thoughts, and lessons—all in one. Crowdcast is a website worth checking out.

As its name states, paid advertising is any type of advertising that you have to pay for. While gaining organic traffic is everyone's number one priority, paid still plays a big role in all marketing strategies. Paid ads are an effective way for you to expose your company to a large audience, sure, but it's not so easy to master them, which is why we've put together websites that can help you out.

Beside their PPC tool, guys from Wordstream offer a comprehensive blog on online advertising. They basically cover all aspects of AdWords and Facebook advertising, from introductory posts that explain the basics and help you choose what’s right for you, to pro tips on how to maximize ROI. Wordstream was founded by Larry Kim, who is also regular blog contributor, so make sure not to miss his posts.

Paid Marketing

Email Marketing & Sales

To this date, email marketing remains one of the best marketing methods which many businesses use to improve their engagement rates and drive better ROI. If you want to make the most out of it, the we suggest you catch up on some of the websites below. In addition to email marketing, you can use these resources to learn a lot about the rules of online selling and increasing conversions.

The guys from claim that they are building the best CRM for inside sales teams. Therefore, their blog is full of helpful pieces of advice on sales, growth hacking and business success, in general. Whether you are a sales manager, business owner or a marketer the tips you’ll read on this website can really come in handy.



Filled with actionable advice and data-driven research, this blog can very well be your one-stop-shop for email marketing. This Australian startup, recognized by many reputable publications, writes from their own experience, so you can rest assured that all solutions they propose are tried and tested.

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