The Ultimate AdWords Account Audit

Last modified: March 7, 2018

You Can Get This Free From Other Companies Why Pay For This?

Most companies will use automated tools to spit out generic results about what you’re doing wrong and why you should book a call with their sales team to hear more. Well this isn’t that. 

What I do is take an in-depth look into your business, your goals, target area, and prospects to get a wide view of what the AdWords account is trying to achieve. Then I dive in looking at the structure, keyword setup, ad copy, settings, and everything in between.

What you’ll receive is a PDF document that explains what I’ve found in your account which includes screenshots and explanations on what each aspect identified is doing in the account currently and whether or not that it is providing value. Then I’ll provide a clear list of recommendations that would help your account improve in both the short and long term. These will most likely be 100% related to the AdWords account but if I feel that I can provide extra value by suggesting other marketing strategies then I try to do that to. For example I may say that a brand suits visual marketing channels such as Pinterest so perhaps starting a board or to their would be beneficial. 

Once you’ve received the audit we can schedule a call to go over the details so that I can ensure you are a happy camper and know where to go from there. If you would like me to carry out the changes we could discuss this but often times you’ll have your own knowledge and abilities either yourself or in-house that can take are of the work which is great!

  • Complete custom audit of your AdWords account (no software programs) 
  • Detailed notes and explanations on what the status of the account is and it’s various components
  • Screenshots showing metrics and areas of the account
  • Recommendations and explanations as to the changes that should be made
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc. call to go over account

Getting Started

To get started I’ll need:

  • Adwords Account ID number
  • Geographic area you’re targeting
  • Spend per month
  • Goals of the account, goals of the specific areas of the account
  • Website URL
  • Target prospects and as much detail about them as possible

What You Can Expect From Me

You can expect a custom, qualified, and detailed audit of your AdWords account by a Google AdWords expert who is dedicated to helping small and medium businesses succeed online. What you won’t receive is a pushy sales person looking to give you a one page cookie cutter response in order to get you on the phone and sell you some $1500/m SEO, AdWords, and Facebook management system that they just signed up your competitor to!

What if I just started AdWords and don’t have much data?

Even better for you to get an audit before wasting value marketing spend. Spending $350 before starting is better than getting 2 months in and $1500 down before getting someone to look into the setup.

What if you can’t help me and my business isn’t suited for AdWords?

Wow great question! If that’s the case I’ll tell you that. I won’t give you any fluff about trying with AdWords I’ll explain why it probably won’t work and then I’ll give you some recommendations as to what could work. Turn your failed AdWords audit into a successful Digital Marketing Strategy!

I have a Google Rep look at and make changes to my account. Why do I need you?

Ah the infamous Google Rep. Quick to implement increasing keyword bids and slow to implement testing. Google reps are great for the beginner and for the businesses that don’t mind a decent amount of wasted marketing spend on broad match keywords and sloppy ad rotation settings. This audit is for the business who wants to have tightly controlled and scaleable Adwords campaigns that are working 24/7 on driving business growth and performance!


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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