Professional AdWords Management Service

Last modified: November 18, 2017

Why Use Professional AdWords Management Service?

You probably know that PPC management services like AdWords advertising is all about keywords and catchy ads and/or creatives.

However, did you ever wonder HOW to be the FIRST at the lowest cost possible? Or how to know which keyword is the right one? Well, with this package, you’ll be able to stop wondering once and for all.

The most common mistake most people make is going ALL IN, without a strategy or previous analysis of the competition.

If not done right, AdWords advertising can be the biggest mistake for your business. However, if done the right way, it can be your best profit-making marketing channel—it all depends of you.

When it comes to numbers, let me just say that I put smiles on my clients’ faces regularly.

On one such occasion, I raised the bar of conversions so high that the client called and asked me to pause campaigns for that week, because they didn’t have enough people to manage all the calls (and no, I didn’t achieve this by using the entire budget). One of my crowning achievements was definitely when I lowered the ad position from 2.8 to 1.2, resulting in a 25% lower CPC (I know, right?)!

Let’s talk business now!

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What Does AdWords Management Service Include?

  • Budget up to $4.000 per month.
  • Account set-up—if needed.
  • Keyword research.
  • Competition research (keywords and ads).
  • Account optimization strategy.
  • Campaign creation with structured ad groups.
  • Optimization for one month.
  • Landing page analysis and advice on what can be improved.
  • Help with AdWords and Analytics Linking.
  • Help with AdWords conversion tracking implementation.

What Can You Get?

Let us suppose your budget is 2.5k and your target GEO is the UK. Let us suppose that your avg CPC will be 1.5. You can get around 1700 clicks! The conversion rate depends on your landing page and conversion goals.

Let’s make this a team effort!

How to Start?

In order to get our AdWordship off to a good start, I’m going to need a couple of things from you:

  • It would be AdWordstastic of you to provide me with your previous (if any) marketing attempts on this channel.
  • If you have an account—logins and share for your Analytics property.

Have a Question or Two?

Do not hesitate to contact me!

Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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