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Last modified: November 18, 2017

Why Do You Need Blog Promotion?

There’s so much content online nowadays that even great articles often go unnoticed. The truth is that publishing a blog post without blog promotion isn’t going to get you anywhere. Even if you have a large number of subscribers and influential connections, you need to promote your post other platforms. Why?

Because you want to leverage as much traffic as you can from big sources and build a few quality backlinks in order to help your post rank better on Google’s SERP. The more you promote your blog, the higher are the chances for others to notice and share it. Nothing goes viral by accident.

Small teams and founders often don’t have time to properly promote blogs, which leads to content creation without results.

What Do We Want to Achieve With This Content Promotion Pack?

This package offers excellent promotion for one blog post.

The first goal of this service is to provide you with 500-5000+ targeted visitors in one month. It really depends on your content and niche standards.

The second goal is to get a few quality referrals that will increase the post’s authority and, eventually, rankings.

What Does This Service Include?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve experimented quite a bit when it comes to inbound marketing and content promotion. I learned which sources bring the best traffic, how to come up with a promotion strategy and improve the quality of promotion. My goal is to help you promote your content the way I would for my own startup.

This service offers:

A summary of your article published on Medium

Medium is a great place for you to promote your blog and try to reach a new audience. In addition, a number of news aggregators crawl Medium every minute looking for juicy news to curate. For example, at one point, Yahoo News picked up on my company’s PR on Medium, which resulted in 4500+ visits and 9 backlinks for my business from big sites like Eurosport.

Three relevant answers on Quora

I haven’t seen any other channel that works and gives results for so many different niches as good as Quora. When properly promoted, Quora can bring 2000+ visits per month to your website, with only three great answers. I always make sure to write deep and valuable answers, which (in most cases) end up in Quora’s top three, bringing relevant traffic to your website over a long period of time.

quora marketing analytics

Three relevant comments

Comment marketing is great for a number of reasons. Comments build brand awareness and bring traffic and links to your website. I always keep a traffic goal in mind as my main metric when I leave comments and write value-based comments on most recently published articles on the web.

A post on Reddit

You’ve probably heard about Reddit’s “hug of death”? If you haven’t, the “hug of death” means that a site went down due to high traffic coming from a Reddit link. This, of course, happens very rarely and really depends of the content shared, but I’ve always managed to get a couple of hundreds of visits from Reddit with valuable content.

reddit marketing analytics

A share on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon has turned out to be a pretty good source of traffic for many bloggers. I have connections with influential Stumblers and, in some cases, I managed to pull a hundred visitors to a website in just a few hours.

A share in three Google+ communities

Google+ is the last place where you would promote your article, right? Wrong. I once got 1000+ visitors from one Google+ community share alone—in one day. Again, this really depends on your niche. Sharing posts on Google+ is great because it will get your article indexed very quickly by Google.

A share on a niche-related forum

Forums: once a main source of traffic for websites; today all but extinct. Don’t let anyone fool you, however—forums are still alive and kicking. If used properly, they can get you some of your most targeted visitors. I take care of forum moderation and post only high-quality content on them.

forum analytics

A detailed report on promotion, links and traffic

30 days from the start of this service, you’ll get a detailed report about the promotion performance, results, and links. You’ll also get a consultation about what I learned in this period of time, which I’ll pass on to you and your team.

What Do I Need From You?

– The link to the article you want to promote.

– Google Analytics Access so that I can track the promotion performance.

– Your Skype ID in case I need to talk to you.

– A short introduction to your project, target audience, etc.

I’ve published and promoted content around the web more times than I can count. There are no shortcuts—traffic won’t come by itself and the only way to get results from a blog post is to write quality content and promote it in a smart way. It’s 20% writing, 80% promotion. That’s the recipe. Now, let’s look at some of the benefits of this service.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Promotion?

– Targeted traffic that leads to conversions.

– Follow and no-follow backlinks from highly authoritative websites.

– A chance for improved rankings.

– A chance for your article to go viral.


How long will it take you to finish the blog promotion?
In order to finish everything that I mentioned in this service (writing, posting, and sharing), it will take me 30 days. Bear in mind that these things take time and can’t be done in a day or two.

Will your promote blog posts for any niche?
Yes, I will! I have experience with different industries, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, with your info and my good friend research, I will do the best job possible if you opt for this service.

How will you choose the forums and other promotional channels?
I will do research very carefully and pick only high-quality forums/communities/answers for your post. Don’t worry, I would never choose a spammy forum or a community that’s not relevant to your business.

Can I see the comments and other promotional material before you post it?
This is not something I am fond of, seeing that it takes too much time, but we can discuss this in more detail if you decide to purchase this service.

Will my article really go viral?
Like I mentioned, there’s a chance for it to go viral, but no one can guarantee this. I will do my best when it comes to promoting your post, but the rest is up to the Internet.


Please contact me if you have any questions!


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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