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Last modified: November 26, 2017

You just got your business up and running, your website looks nice, all the important pieces are in place, but you want something more. All cool startups have blogs and they rely heavily on content to boost their SEO and engage new customers. So, what’s stopping you?

To achieve that level of excellence and make content marketing your best channel, it is of paramount importance to lay the foundations for an awesome blog.

What Is This Blog Writing Service All About?

If you want to start a blog for your business, you need to know from the beginning what you are doing and plan your steps carefully.

Why? I’ll give you an example. Picture someone building a house. Now, if they lay a shaky foundation, the whole thing will collapse. It’s the same with your blog. If you’re sloppy in the beginning, both search engines and your audience will ignore you. Trust me: it’s much harder to rebuild your reputation, so make sure to do it the right way from the start.

What Does This Service Include?

In order to start your blog with a bang, you’ll need keyword research and a solid plan for the first couple of posts.

An in-depth keyword research will give you a better understanding of two things:

  • What are the keywords you should build your content around?
  • What are the keywords that can bring you most traffic/conversions?

After I’m done with keyword research, I’ll move on to the creative part. Now that you have a clear picture, topics for your blog posts will be easier to create.

Of course, there’s much more to it than keywords. Every blog post needs to be carefully crafted and it needs to be build around major pain points of your potential customers.

When starting out, you need to hit the right cord with your audience and find that middle ground between promoting your business and providing an actual value for the readers.

You should focus on this right from the start. You need to introduce your business to people who have never heard anything about it before and at the same time, give those people a reason to go back to your website. Blunt promotion won’t do the trick.

So, by researching the niche you do your business in, and identifying key values of your offer, I will give you the best combo for your first 4 blog posts.

When all topics are defined, content writing begins. You will get four professionally written posts that explore your already defined topics. As I already mentioned, these blog posts will give people an idea of what your brand is all about and at the same time educate them on the topics that are relevant to your niche.

The goal here is to create that initial traction and show your website visitors that you know what you are doing and that they should stick with you and your business.

Let’s recap, with this service you’ll get:

  • Keyword research.
  • Research of your niche and the most common pain points of your target audience.
  • 4 carefully crafted topics that are most suitable for your blog.
  • 4 professionally written blogs ( 1500+ words each ) with appropriate keywords.

What Do I Need From You?

In order to maximize the output, every information that you provide me with will be useful. Don’t hesitate to share anything that you think is relevant to your business or your industry. For starters, it would be useful if you could share the following:
General information about your business and website.
Your mission, goals and a short business pitch.
Your prefered target audience and why you think that segment is the best for you.
Any suggestions or restrictions regarding the topics you want me to write about.

What Results Can You Expect From This Service?

The goal of your blog is to generate more traffic for your website, and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

When this service is finished, you’ll have your own blog and you’ll be off to a great start. From there you can continue to publish posts and grow your audience. Of course, we can continue the collaboration and establish a content calendar and long-term plan.


What if I don’t have an idea what my blog should be about?

Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here! I’m an experienced content writer with an SEO background, so you are in good hands.

Do I have a saying in this process?

Of course you do. This service is comprised of 3 stages:

  • Keyword research
  • Topic choosing
  • Content writing

At the end of each stage, you can give suggestions and voice your opinion.

Is the number of blogs negotiable?

Absolutely. We can work out all the details together, depending on your needs. As I already mentioned, we can make this collaboration recurring and long-lasting.

Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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