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Last modified: November 26, 2017

To make sure that we are on the same page, here’s what I mean when I say a “roundup” post:

A roundup post is a compilation of various opinions, tips and recommendations provided by different experts on a certain subject. Usually, the owner of the blog (in this case, that’s you) sets the topic or, even better, formulates the question that experts should answer in the post.

This kind of blog post can be incredibly valuable. The first and most obvious benefit of roundup posts is that your blog readers will have something to read about. Having an expert roundup post on your blog will provide your readers with an insightful piece of content that is filled with actionable advice from individuals that have experience in your niche.

Another benefit lies in the fact that your blog authority will increase. By showcasing contributions made by influential people, your blog and—more importantly—your business will appear more authoritative in your industry. Having already successful people share their opinion will give this post both perceived and actual value.

Last, but not least—an expert roundup is much easier to promote than a regular blog post. People participating in roundups are more likely to be interested in sharing this post on their social media and across their network.

So, in the worst case scenario, your post will have X times the reach your other posts have—X being the number of experts participating. The best case scenario? Your post goes viral.

You might wonder: how will that happen? Well, besides the fact that all participants will share it with their followers, other people are more likely to share this kind of content simply because it’s a very informative compilation that features authority experts.

So, let’s see how this roundup is actually created.

What Does This Service Include?

Defining The Topic

Before we (you and I) begin rounding up the experts, we need to come up with a topic that you want to build your post around. Rather than deciding on a broad topic, it is better to put it in a form of a question.

This is a very important part because the question needs to be something people want to read about and, at the same time, it needs to be appealing enough to the experts you want to participate in your roundup.

Expert roundups aren’t exactly a secret, so you need an engaging topic to stand out from others.

Finding Your Experts

Once we define the topic, I’m going to focus on the much harder part of this process: reaching out to the experts.

There are two ways to go about this, and in my experience, it’s best to combine these two approaches:

  • Use HARO—HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out and it’s a website or, to be more precise, a platform where you can submit your query and have people that are qualified send you their answer via this platform. To get the most out of HARO, the query needs to be carefully formalized and requirements need to be clearly explained. This way, the answers you get will be on topic.
  • Manual outreach—Besides using HARO, it is advisable to send emails targeted at specific experts. This way, you will know exactly who you are reaching out to and with a bit of personal touch, there is a good chance for a particular expert to reply.

Crafting The Post

There’s more to it than just collecting answers—a good roundup post needs a good intro, conclusion or a summary, and, of course, a call to action at the end. Aside from that, I will proofread of all the answers and all other possible content adjustments.

Saying “Thanks”

After publishing the post, it’s important to get back to all the experts that participated. I will write and send ‘thank you’ emails in which I’ll ask them politely to share the post with their followers.

What Do I Need From You?

There’s no one else who knows more about your business and niche better than you. That’s why it’s better that we collaborate when it comes to choosing a topic. It would be great to provide me with info about your business and website, such as:

  • Which niche do you do business in?
  • Who is your target audience and what do you think is the best market segment for you?
  • What is that extra value that makes your customers like you better than the competition?
  • Who are the experts in your niche whose opinion you appreciate the most?
  • Anything else that is relevant and specific to your brand.

What Results Can You Expect From This Service?

As with any other type of blog content, you can expect more traffic on your website. The results may vary, from your number of visitors slightly increasing to getting a surge in website traffic if your post goes viral.

Another indirect benefit of this service is that by doing this roundup, you can forge or strengthen ties with experts in your niche, which can result in future collaborations.

Additionally, it would be great if you could set up (or give me access to) a business email address, so I can outreach to the experts on the behalf of the company. This will look more professional than if I use my own email.


Why don’t I just stick with regular blog posts?

Publishing “standard” blog posts is also important, but why not change your regular routine and do something a bit different? I’m sure your audience will appreciate it. A roundup will bring legitimacy to your blog and, consequently, to your brand. Moreover, your audience will appreciate it because experts talk from their genuine experience, meaning that this isn’t just hypothetical advice.

Does the industry I do business in matter?

It doesn’t matter that much. Naturally, there are industries that attract more online influencers and there are specific market niches that aren’t that “popular”. But, that’s not a problem, there are always topics that can be covered and questions your audience really wants to see answered.

Are you taking care of everything content-related?

Yes, I’m a professional copywriter, so rest assured that everything will be written and formatted nicely.

Is there anything else that I need to do?

Besides providing me with the necessary info about the industry and your brand, the only thing that’s left for you is to publish the post on your blog/website.

Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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