Facebook Inception (Results Within Results)

Last modified: November 25, 2017

Let’s Dive Into A New Facebook Reality

“Dunkirk” is on its way to dominate the Box Office, so now’s the perfect time to connect Christopher Nolan’s other inspirational movie “Inception” with Facebook advertising. The name of this strategy is pretty much self-explanatory, don’t you think?

If you haven’t heard of the Facebook Inception technique yet, don’t worry—I’ll show you how it works and you’ll see how useful it can be for your existing work.

Why Use This Service?

You’ve most likely had trouble with high-cost CPC and CPA at one point or another, which led you to hire a social media manager, change all the creatives and, of course, your overall strategy. You used and reused all those targeting options, but somehow you still haven’t structured all of this into a process that brings results.

That’s probably why you’re currently on this page, learning more about the solution for your pain!

Basically, what you’ll get in this service is very precise Facebook re-targeting. Just when you thought that there’s no way to segment a new audience, this technique jumps in and offers you a new, deeper segment (this perfectly suits the connection with the ‘dream within a dream’ movie reference, right?). You don’t have to struggle anymore with finding the perfect Facebook campaign (because there is no such thing, unicorns are real by the way) and the most converting audience among the existing, slightly changed ones. I propose that you use this service to create a totally new ROI reality for yourself!

What Does This Service Include?

Since we’re talking about the next level Facebook ad technique here, I assume that you have already implemented the Facebook Pixel the right way into your website. With this in mind, here’s what you’ll get if you opt for this service:

  1. Custom Audience creation—the default Facebook Inception package includes two Custom Audiences—one from your website visitors and the other from existing/potential user emails you already have or you bought somewhere (I won’t tell). Keep in mind that users who visited your website in the past, but didn’t convert 100%, have the most potential to be targeted, so I’ll find those people using the first CA. Because of previous interaction with these people, you can expect a much lower CPC once I create the campaigns. As for the second CA from emails, if you have the right list, I will target those people pretty damn easy.
  2. LAL (Lookalike) Audience creation—I’ll create this audience in order to find the second, best converting solution. Seeing that the first CA is probably pretty small (I mean, how many emails can you currently have, or how many visitors have you already collected in your Pixel? Probably not that much.), the best thing to do is go up to 3% of LAL audiences (because 1% is the most precise one and based on the target size, I’ll decide whether we should proceed up to 3% of the similar market in that country). That means that at this point, we should have two basic CAs and a few more LAL audiences ready to be tested.
    Note: When using one CA or one LAL, I will make sure to exclude the others from that campaign, so our results don’t overlap.
  3. Default creatives—these are a part of this package, of course. What this service also includes is: brand research, best practices (2017) implementation, and designing four different banners. In this stage, I’ll focus on A/B testing: product and people images (one against each other), length of ad texts, different (direct vs indirect) CTAs in headlines, symbols and emoticons.
  4. All testing will be done using AdEspresso—currently the best Facebook optimization tool. Split testing campaigns, checking the frequency, and testing different visuals/texts will get us deeper, limbo-level results.
  5. Daily updates on progress—including metrics and results. You’ll witness Inception Facebook hack deliver results in real time.

How To Start?

In order to get the most out of this Inception hack I’ll need you to send me:

  • Your existing brand guidelines (brandbook, all logos and existing creatives).
  • Admin access to your Facebook page so I can check your earlier campaigns and connect everything to the new AdEspresso account.
  • Access to your newsletter base of existing users (or email lists), so that I can create Custom Audiences.
  • Anything else you think is important, including your experience so far, so that I can continue testing and finding the best possible variations.


Why is this service better than other Facebook services out there?
Because of reaching into more detailed targeting levels. I think you’ll agree with me on this: if your target is precise enough, you will definitely get your money back.

When we can start and how long does this service last?
After the initial contact, we’ll start working together in two days maximum. This service is monthly based, we’ll need that 4 week to test everything out.

Is the budget I plan on using for marketing purposes in correlation with the service price?
Yes. We’ll talk more about this, of course. It is not the same if you want to use $1000 per month on advertising and $5000. The target is different, the effort is different, and the overall optimization process is different.


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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