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Last modified: March 7, 2018

When it comes to Facebook for businesses, there has never been a better time to invest in a professional marketer. This is because as of January 11, 2018, Facebook announced an algorithm change to the Newsfeed that means two things: lower reach for both paid and unpaid posts, and emphasis on “meaningful social interactions” between Facebook users and the things they care about. Put simply, this means that Comments are now more important to Facebook than any other engagement including Likes, Reactions, and Shares.  

I can help your business create compelling copy to encourage comments and grow your Facebook community in a way that is authentic and positive. There are no shortcuts when it comes to Facebook as they have said specifically that posts that literally ask people to comment below will be penalized. My experience working with clients from the automotive industry to the spa and skincare industry and the App industry have taught me that no matter what you are selling, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool that can yield enormous benefits to a company–if used correctly.

I offer packages that include a current analysis of your company Facebook Page (if existing), and your closest competitors. I then provide feedback and recommendations for an organic (unpaid) content calendar and Facebook Ads to grow your business.

  • Facebook Business Page analysis
  • Facebook Business Page analysis of three competitors in your industry
  • Content calendar for one month to include 1-2 posts per day and 4 Facebook Ads per month. 
  • Monthly Facebook Analytics and Ads Reporting to show Page growth, audience reach, link clicks, engagement and overall feedback from your audience using Facebook Analytics.
  • Recommendations for the next month based on the results.

In order to get the best results from Facebook posts and paid Facebook Ads, I’ll need:

  • Account information (social media, Google Analytics, any other tools).
  • The “Story” –Facebook is all about community, family, friends and passions. The art of storytelling is the KEY to successful marketing on this platform. 
  • Brand guidelines, keywords, mission statement, language style (slang, corporate, professional, or somewhere in between).
  • High-resolution images, video content, and specific website links you’d like to promote.

Whether you just want to get started with best practices for Facebook posts, or you’re looking to grow your sales, here are some of the benefits of working with me:

  • I provide clear, concise reports to define the KPI’s that Facebook measures. I’ll explain what each term means and educate you on the algorithm changes as they happen so you are learning about how the industry is evolving–and it is always evolving!
  • If you decide to use paid Facebook Ads, the Business Page will grow in terms of followers and post reach, guaranteed. Even without paid posts, I have created organic posts that have reached 20,000+ impressions–it doesn’t always happen, but it is possible with the right content.
  • Improve your website SEO (Google uses external links from social media sites to confirm your website’s credibility, and high-quality Facebook posts and Ads will lead to more website traffic and help build these external links Google is looking for).
  • Ads will have a far better likelihood of converting into sales directly, but quality content may turn skeptics into Fans and Fans into customers. 
  • Even if you choose a single-month plan, I will optimize your Facebook Business page to set it up for success. Making it easier for people to find, connect with, and purchase from your company.

If you are new to Facebook marketing, there are a lot of questions to ask–and rightly so! Here’s my best answer to some FAQ:

Q1: What is the ROI of a Facebook ‘Like’? 

Social proof on Facebook manifests into Facebook Page Likes, Post Likes, Comments, Shares, and Reactions. This is important because it indicates to the Facebook user that other people think your content is important. This validation is subtle and seemingly insignificant but, as the saying goes, nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd. If you see a group of people looking up at the sky, you will be more likely to look at the sky, too. Personally, I rarely “Like” a company post unless I really do appreciate the content–the wit, the heartfelt message, the humor, or the image. Social proof helps measure the efficacy of your posts in a way that magazine ads, billboards, TV ads and print ads never could.

Q2: How do you decide what content to “Boost” or turn into an Ad?

When it comes to Boosting, I always choose a post that is already performing well organically. This increases the odds that the post will do well when it is Boosted, starts the Ad* off with existing social proof, and helps Facebook’s algorithm find similar users to show the Ad to after it has been Boosted based on who has engaged with the post already.

*Boosted posts are under the umbrella of Facebook Ads. 

Q3: How do I know Facebook Ads are really driving traffic to my website and converting?

Facebook Pixels are free tracking tools that we use to track the precise activity of the Facebook user who clicks. We will be able to monitor a specific conversion that we can define called an Event. The Event can be an online sale, an e-newsletter sign-up, a filled out Contact Us form, or simply a website view. The Pixel is a piece of code that Facebook generates for you to put into your website and can be extremely powerful down the road for Facebook Ad retargeting. 


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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