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Last modified: November 24, 2017

Why Use Forum Marketing For SEO?

One of the most straightforward ways to boost incoming traffic is to use forum marketing to your advantage. Forum marketing, one of the oldest digital marketing strategies, is still an effective method of helping your online business stand out from the crowd. With white hat forum marketing, your business will draw attention of tens of thousands of forum users, where most of them have a blogging background.

With forum marketing, you’re reaching out to a vast number of net-savvy people, who are almost always likely to check out your product. Given the fact that a number of forum users are also respected experts of the community, your business can achieve never-before-seen goals.

For me, forum marketing is an outstanding strategy with good ROI. With a good first impression, those forum experts mentioned above can help improve your brand recognition. As a good, old digital marketing strategy, I always take forum marketing seriously.

Additionally, forum posts that are closely related to your business can truly help your search engine rating. It works like that because forum content gets indexed by search engines more quickly than almost any other content.

What Does This Service Include?

  • In-depth research of your competitors and their backlinks with the appropriate tools.
  • 15 high-quality forum profiles, out of which you can expect at least 10 high-quality links.
  • Locating relevant questions that forum users post.
  • Engaging the forum audience and building profiles by writing valuable answers, including tips, further information, and relevant guides.
  • Promoting your business with the appropriate usage of keywords that link to your product page.

The number one goal of forum marketing is to establish the credibility of user profiles that help increase brand recognition. Otherwise, the user profile gets banned for providing irrelevant content, also known as spamming.

How Will Your Traffic Increase?

First of all, I’ll conduct in-depth research of your company’s website and any relevant material you might have. Then comes the brainstorming part, where all possible forums get listed in a spreadsheet, in order to make sure I locate only the most relevant forum posts or questions. To make sure we’re on the right track, I will also list all keywords you want your website to rank for.

Unfortunately, the research part might take some time, because there’s a huge number of forums that are either too spammy or don’t have enough active users (i.e. that forum is “dead”). But judging by my previous experiences, search engines filter inactive forums by simply not listing them on the first page.

After doing research, I will create forum accounts and make sure that every single one of them has the information needed to establish credibility. In order to make the link-building part successful, I will engage with all other forum users in a friendly manner.

Why engage with users? Because forums contain a huge number of potential customers willing to review or even buy your product. Forums are a gold mine and an opportunity you cannot miss out on. By building your reputation on a daily basis, I will attract thousands of forum visitors, who add new posts hour after hour.

I always make sure all forum posts I post contain helpful content. You will be able to review each one of them (if necessary), and in return, I will start gaining trust from the community. That trust I will work on carefully is as crucial as getting that dofollow backlink. With trust, people will spend less time thinking about whether or not they should purchase your product.

This service is well-researched, and all your posts will help build credibility for your business. This service definitely won’t disappoint you!


Who’s in charge of creating forum accounts?
I’m the one who takes care of creating all 15 forum accounts. You will have access to a spreadsheet containing all usernames, passwords, forums those accounts belong to, and links to all posts written by me.

How long will it take to get a single backlink?
Since forums usually remain unharmed after Google’s ranking updates, most forum administrators do not allow a “type in an email, username, and password and start posting” type of registration. Instead, they receive all registration requests and personally accept or deny users. After that, there’s a lengthy period of having to post 5-15 posts before adding a signature or sharing links. In order to successfully attach a link to a forum post, it will take between 10 and 20 days.

Can I review your forum posts before you publish them?
Absolutely. I do not suggest wasting time on reviewing those first 5-15 forum posts, because most of them are either introductory or explanatory. But as far as forum posts with links go, you can review every single one of them.

Can I suggest forums I found to be helpful?
Of course. Make sure you send me an inquiry about this service, and mention forums you want your backlinks from.


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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