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Last modified: October 31, 2017

Why Use This Service?

Is Microsoft Bing dying? Of course not. Bing is not dead. Bing has reached a record-breaking 21% share of the search engine market and is rapidly gaining ground on Google. Over the years, mobile clicks and searches delivered through Bing Ads have grown by 166% in the past years. The mobile audience represents 34% of the mobile search market on Bing. We can agree this is quite a lot.

There is a huge number of reasons why you should take advantage of this tool. Let me talk you through a couple.

  • Budget—you will spend less money on Bing Ads than on Adwords. I typically see Bing budgets between 20%-35% of the equivalent spent on AdWords.
  • Cheaper clicks—you will get more out of Bing Ads than Google AdWords even with the same amount of money and using the same location, campaigns and ads.
  • Cheaper conversions—cost-per-click on Bing is cheaper, as is your cost-per-lead. For my clients, I had a 25% lower cost-per-lead and a 35% lower cost-per-click while using Bing Ads (compared with AdWords).

Bing brings numerous partners—Xbox, Cortana, Windows 10, Amazon devices,  Apple’s Siri, Spotlight search and many more.

There are too many advantages of this tool to write about here, and believe me—I could write about Bing Ads for quite a while!

As you can see, the Bing Network is the way to go. You will gain similar or even better results than using Adwords.

What Does This Service Include?

  • Audience research.
  • Keyword research.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Campaigns and bidding strategy.
  • Bing Ads account setup (account restructure if you have one).
  • Setting up your billing.
  • Creating and maintaining Bing campaigns.
  • Effective Ad copy ideas—minimum two per each Ad Group.
  • Optimization for 1 month.
  • Monthly performance report.


  • Landing page optimization tips and help based on your campaign goals.
  • Setting up Bing Ads conversions tracking.

What Will You Get?

Ignoring Bing can be a big mistake. You can get better return on investment for the same amount of money spent on Bing Ads than on Adwords. If you don’t use the Bing Network, you’ll miss out on a great opportunity to increase your profit. This tool presents a very effective way for you to get your business in front of a new audience and beat the competition.  People who search the Bing Network spend 16% more money than the average Internet user. You’ll reach people who, for whatever reason, aren’t using Google for their online searches. Take advantage of that! We can agree that is a pretty good reason to start you first campaign. Get ready to boost your business and get cheap traffic. Are you ready to skyrocket your business with Bing Ads?

How To Start?

I will need a couple of details from you and then we can get started.

  • If you have a Bing account—I need access to previous campaigns.
  • If you don’t have a Bing account—you’ll either need to provide me with a valid email address to make an account or I will make an email for you.
  • Initial budget you want to spend.
  • Details about your business.

After you provide me with these pieces of information, I can start making kickass advertising campaigns for you! If you need help or have any questions, I am here to help. Feel free to contact me.


What amount of money do you recommend I start with?

The process of setting up campaign budgets can easily be overlooked when setting up a PPC account or a new campaign. On Bing ads, the default daily budget is $20.00 That is sufficient for most campaigns, but… The point of advertising is to reach as many people as possible. If you promote something for which the clicks will cost $0.3 with a search volume of 2000 per day and you expect a 4% CTR, the math theory says your budget should be 2000 x 0.3 x 0.04 = $24. You should be aware that advertising can be unpredictable. There is a difference between theory and practice. The budget will mainly depend on your campaign, competition, niche and goals.

How will you track my conversions?

I can help you set up a conversion goal to track actions people take on your website after they click on your ad. On Bing, you track conversions through Universal Event Tracking (UET). I can implement the UET tag for you website, or you can do it by yourself. UET enables tracking of website engagement metrics from Bing paid search in Google Analytics.

When will I see results?

It will take time for the ads to get approved and for your billing details to be verified. Once that’s done, your account will get activated.

No PPC campaign is complete without testing. Be patient and you will see results over time. Of course, you will get some traffic in the first month, but optimization and seeing actual results takes approximately 1-2 months.

Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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