The Ultimate Linkedin Advertising Package

Last modified: November 25, 2017

Why To Advertise On Linkedin?

Okey, let’s talk business. Finding leads for your business is crucial in order to keep your business running, right? It may sound easy, but it can easily become your worst nightmare if you start searching for them in the wrong place. Don’t think this doesn’t happen—it does. Quite a bit, actually.

The good news is that there are some channels that are created for a specific audience. If you’ve just said “thank God”, don’t worry. I said that, too. 🙂

Linkedin is one of the most popular places when it comes to searching for businesses or professionals as leads. With more than 330 million users from 200 countries, it shouldn’t surprise you that this network has become the leading network in B2B advertising over the years. If your business is focused on this audience, then this is just the network for you.

Of course, if you already knew all of this, you probably know that LinkedIn can be a money burner if not handled right. And if you know that and you decided to move away from this network, it is time to get you back on track.

What Do I Want to Achieve With This Service?

Now, I am not here to write endless content for you nor spend all of your budget. On the contrary, I am here to befriend both you and LinkedIn.

My goal is to ensure your target audience (to be precise, a specific segment of your target audience) sees a message (your message) they can relate to, in words they can understand.

What will I achieve with that?

By creating a specific message, I will ensure that the other side (your potential lead) sees you as as an expert in their niche. By giving them the solution to their business problem, you will stand out as a reliable business. The less the message focuses on direct promotion, the higher are the chances of not only collecting leads, but also converting them into active users.

There is also one important thing that makes my LinkedIn campaigns different—audience segmentation. In order to ensure that right people receive your message, I will focus on a small segment of the overall business audience. It gives more control over the budget and it allows me to be direct with the message, so that the other side can really relate to the message I am sending to them.

What Does This Service Include?

This service will focus on creating valid content, segment targeting, and gaining the best results within the given budget.

  • Business and niche research
    Before I start working on the audience segment I will target for your business, it is important for me to understand your business, i.e. your product or service. In this phase, all experience you have will be very important and help me make the right decision.
  • Content creation
    Once I decide which audience segment I will target (the final decision will be yours, of course), I’m going to create the content that will be used in the campaign. Again, your previous experience will play a major role in this.For example, if your product is an online tool that helps people get organized (e.g. to-do lists), and you noticed that you had several clients from the medical niche, my campaign for them could involve preparing content on how to stay organized during the flu season, with a number of patients at hand.Once the content is ready, I will either add it to your website or turn it into a landing page with tools such as Unbounce.
  • Promotion
    The last thing to do is turn the message into ads. Depending on your budget, there will be at least two sets of ads for the purposes of testing. My focus will be on testing and optimizing ads to ensure I get the lowest CPC I can for your target audience. By monitoring your campaign daily, I will track how much money you’re spending, so you can rest assured there won’t be room for money-burning campaigns.
  • Campaign reporting and conclusion
    After the campaign is over, I will analyze everything I did from the moment I started advertising to the moment the campaign ended, in order to give you a conclusion about ads success and even some notes for your future campaigns.

How To Start Linkedin Advertising ?

There are just a couple of things I will need from you:

  1. Business and product/service information.
  2. Previous experience in advertising, especially in advertising on LinkedIn.
  3. Access to your website or to an Unbounce account (which should be set up previously).
  4. Your brand guidelines (or at least a logo).
  5. Admin access to the Linkedin Business Manager.
  6. A credit card attached to the LinkedIn Business Manager.
  7. Briefing about your goals.

What Are The Benefits Of This Service?

By targeting a specific audience, I will ensure you get the highest CTR possible. Thanks to detailed research about the segmented audience, I will perfect your knowledge about this segment and your business possibilities in it. The more your audience can relate to the content itself, the more they will engage with it and finally accept your product as the one they have to have.


I already tried LinkedIn ads and it wasn’t a success. Why should I do it again?
Good question. I can only assume that you pushed your ads to as many as possible industries as possible, which led to overspending. Don’t worry. My goal is to push your ads to a selected audience segment and control them on a daily basis to ensure overspending doesn’t happened.

What’s the budget needed for LinkedIn advertising?
Well, it depends of how much you can spend. LinkedIn itself doesn’t recommend going below $500+ when using their platform for advertising. Since it can be a lot for some clients, I usually recommend $200+.

I don’t have an account on Unbounce. Is it free?
If you don’t have it, don’t worry. There is a free account which will give you 10 pages for free. No matter which plan you choose, you will have to set up the Unbounce account so it has your website domain. Don’t worry, I will send you proper documentation for that.


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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