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Last modified: November 27, 2017

Why Try Location Based Marketing?

My friend came to me a couple of days ago, completely shocked. Why? Prior to seeing me, she had gone to a store to buy clothes for her next trip. While choosing a bikini, she had got a message from another bikini shop nearby saying “Shop season’s latest chic swimwear. Summer sale & up to 60% off”. There was no phone number, just the name of the shop and an address.

Now, since she works for an engineering company, she is not so familiar with marketing and tactics marketers use to get what they want. The tactic she was exposed to is called Location-based marketing and it’s very commonly used by all types of shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.

Location-based marketing (LBM) has been the buzzword in the marketing world for quite some time now. Because of it, all location technologies, such as GPS and WiFi, keep developing year after year. Tracking and capturing browsing history has given retailers the ability to learn their customers’ location, income, interests, buying habits or buying attentions.This can be done with a variety of softwares and networks, depending on your business.

Seeing that we live in an online world, it’s not hard for people to share their location information. LBM plays a crucial role in worldwide businesses and if you want to use it in your own, I can send your potential customers directions to your nearest store, coupons, promotion updates, text messages, etc. The gist of it is this: customers who are keen on buying your product will receive a timely and customized offer straight to their phone.

What Are The Benefits Of This Service?

LBM is about understanding your customers’ needs in real time and providing them with what they want at the right time. For example, when a customer approaches one of your stores, you can target them with a coupon that expires in a few hours. If an ad is relevant, the buyer will act impulsively and use it. This will convert into a sale for your business. By understanding your customers’ situational context, you can maximize their loyalty, sales and profitability.
This service will help you nurture long-lasting customer loyalty thanks to personalized, location-based targeting campaigns. I can create targeted offers and find new customers fast. This will take your business to the next level of excellence.

One of the greatest benefits of LBM is search-engine ranking. By putting your business on the map of location-based services (Foursquare, Yelp, Google Maps etc.), you are more likely to appear high up in the search engine rankings when somebody types in a relevant search term.

What Does This Service Include?

  • Competitive analysis (You don’t want to be like all others, right? Competitive research will differentiate your business from everyone else on the market).
  • Creating a survey for current users (Survey will help you understand what you need to improve and how to approach new customers).
  • Creating a detailed buyer person (Detailed analysis about your buyers’ habits, attention, motivation, concerns, preferences, characteristics, interests  and demographics).
  • Putting you on the map of geolocation apps (Foursquare, Yelp, Google Map, Facebook places, Tripadvisor, Swarm etc.).
  • Creating Ads or text messages for future campaigns (Depending what is most suitable for your business).
  • Optimizing all campaigns.

What Do I Need From You?

  • Details about your business .
  • Access to your previous campaigns (If you had attempts in location-based marketing).
  • Brand guidelines.
  • A starting budget.
  • Info about your goals and what you want to achieve.


Can LBM be used for all kinds of businesses? How does it work in different industries?
The  Four Ps of Marketing have become five. Price, Place, Promotion, Product, and now ‘Places’. Even though LBM is the pioneer of mobile marketing according to BIA/Kelsey, it’s expected that by 2019, location-targeted ad revenue will increase to $18.2 billion. However, LBS is not suitable for all types of business. It mostly works for different kinds of shops, stores, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.

I heard about beacons a while ago. What is the beacons technology and what they do?
Beacons are low-cost, small Bluetooth radio transmitters that can be used to deliver location-aware messages. Their purpose is to detect your device as you move into their range. This little physical object can increase your sales, revenue and drive more customers. The downside of beacons is that you need to have a store’s app if you want to use them for your business.

Which tools will you use?
This will depend on what you want and what you plan to achieve. Is it brand awareness? Improving sales performance? More loyal customers? Mobile is here to stay, so there are a lot of tools to use for LBM. Get in touch with me and I will make strategy that works for your business. 🙂

Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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