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Last modified: November 22, 2017

What’s Up With Quora Ads?

Back in mid-2016, Quora, the most famous Q&A platform in the world, announced that it was launching its beta advertising program. The company did this without anyone noticing—there was no launch, only a single post on Quora’s official blog.

Quora has gained over 200 million of Monthly Active Users since its launch in 2010, with over 30% coming from the US. It boasts about 400 thousand different topics and a 60:40 desktop to mobile ratio. These incredible numbers tell us that over 200 million people come to Quora each month to learn something new or share their knowledge with everyone else on the platform.

Aside from being a great place to acquire or share knowledge, get a piece of advice or learn something new, Quora is also an amazing channel for promoting your business or product.

Marketers around the world are all too familiar with Quora marketing—a truly great channel for steady traffic acquisition and content promotion. By posting and answering questions in their respective niches, many have ended up with good traction numbers. Basically, the majority of quality marketers have found one way or another to use Quora to their advantage.

Why Use This Service?

By doubling its MAU in just a year, Quora managed to get a pretty good response to the company’s experiment with advertising. Quora is actively shifting to an advertising platform, in its desire and effort to start monetizing these high MAU numbers. That is also the reason why Quora Ads are no longer in beta, but are now available globally to advertisers.

Let me tell you—I was lucky I started using Quora ads from the very beginning and I’ve had an opportunity to test it on many different clients. I was honestly very happy with the results! Both important and less important metrics improved, be it great CPC (most of the time below $0.5), CTR, constantly high % of new users and, with supporting budgets, a fantastic CPA. The lower CTR, when it happened was only present when there was a decision to keep the mobile placement off.

On the plus side, you can definitely count on Quora’s audience to be more educated, more involved, and proactive, since Quora is a knowledge-sharing platform. That’s why you can be sure that you’re reaching the right audience. Thanks to the above-mentioned number of Quora topics, you’re definitely going to find the right question for your particular niche.

Quora currently offers two native ad formats—text and app install ads. Ads run on question pages and include a call-to-action button, which can be one of 16 options Quora offers. Ads are being sold on a CPC basis in a real-time auction, and campaigns can be targeted by topics, location and device (desktop/mobile).

What Does This Service Include?

As someone familiar with Quora Ads, let me tell you this: they’re very intuitive, and come with a Manager and dashboard similar to those found on Google, Facebook or Twitter. The one difference is that they are a lot simpler and easier to use. That being said, here is what I will do to get you started with this new and still underutilized channel:

  • Create your Business Account and fill it with all the necessary information.
  • Research your niche, competition and possibilities for utilising Quora.
  • Compose a unique Quora Ads strategy.
  • Research Quora topics and possible reach over a few weeks.
  • Include my recommendations regarding the campaign delivery time and the necessary budget.
  • Create an appropriate number of Unique Campaigns.
  • Write an according number of Ad copy texts.
  • Test several copy solutions to get the best performing ones.
  • Test several different targeting approaches by topics and location.
  • Rely and utilize my previous knowledge working on this channel and pay attention to Quora’s Ad Copy General Rules.
  • Track everything with UTMs as the most reliable way of tracking the Quora Ads performance.

What Are The Benefits Of This Service?

Seeing that Quora Ads are a new and relatively young PPC channel, using them has both an upside and a downside, and like most approaches in marketing, it’s all about high risk—high gain. That is why I will test as many approaches as I can to see what works.

Awesome metrics make Quora Ads stand out in the crowd of other channels and really show you that testing them and experimenting is worth your while.

Like mentioned before, Quora itself is one of the healthiest communities that can provide you with high-quality traffic. People rely on Quora and really take it in consideration as a source of relevant information and a go-to resource for various problems and questions. Therefore, when targeting people based on topics, you can rest assured that I will reach those people interested in the chosen topics i.e. relevant niches.

Testing this channel offers access to one of the lowest PPC costs in western countries (as far as I have witnessed so far) and this fact alone gives Quora Ads a competitive edge in relation to more conventional PPC channels.

How To Start?

Here is what I would need from you if you were to opt for this service:

  • All the relevant information about your business.
  • In case you don’t have an account on Quora, after creating one for you, you would need to connect your credit card in Quora billing.
  • Access to your Google Analytics, because Quora still offers limited reporting, and I want to show you all the results in the best manner possible.
  • One day of patience to set up everything in the Quora Ads Manager.
  • If you want the Quora Conversion Pixel implemented—we can do this with my instructions, but bear in mind that the Quora Ads Manager Reports don’t allow tracking multiple pixels on different pages of your website.
  • In case you already have prepared keyword research that would be helpful.


Why advertise on Quora?
Because of its large, engaged audience and high intent on reaching the right users. Because of the highly measurable results with only standard metrics, and because all Quora users create profiles based on their real identities, which leads to only high-quality content.

How do Quora Ads work, how to do they charge?
Quora Ads, like all PPC channels, charge only when someone actually clicks on your Ad. Chances of this happening are determined by your desired budget and bid for your Ad.

What results can I expect?
This depends on a lot of factors, but you should always keep in mind that this channel is new and still not used by many advertisers. They either do not know a lot about it, or haven’t even tested it yet, while I have been using Quora Ads since their beginnings. Other than that, you can expect high-quality traffic, a higher number of clicks (compared to other PPC channels) and very narrow, niche targeting. Oh, and super low cost-per-click in developed countries!

Which types of businesses should give Quora Ads a shot?
From my experience, every digital business should give Quora Ads a try in the future. Quora Ads can help every business/product/software that provides a certain solution for users.


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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