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Last modified: August 25, 2017

Why Use This Service?

With this amazing social network, you can expect to reach approximately 300 million active users, all of which are divided into hundreds or even thousands of Subreddits (basically subforums). It’s no wonder Reddit calls itself “The front page of the Internet,” because once you enter their website, you are treated with nothing but the best content out there. Some of the best Subreddits (about 25 + the ones you’re following) get merged together into the amazing Homepage, which serves the hottest posts submitted within the previous day or two.

Reddit’s users have the ability to decide which of these hundreds of thousands of posts get to be featured on the Homepage by either upvoting or downvoting whatever they see. Comments exist as well, and they are probably the only way you’ll ever find out how Redditors feel about your content.

Since almost all Reddit posts act as links to external websites, one of the best ways to get to a good audience lies within the title itself. You can also use a picture to enrich each post, but throughout my research and ad testing, I found out that the title itself (with or without the picture to accompany it) has the power to determine how well your post will rank. After all, it’s well known that the Reddit community expects the best described content, because everything else just gets downvoted to inexistence.

Reddit is one of the best ways to attract relevant visitors to your website, and provided you’ve launched the best paid campaign possible, you’ll be looking at hundreds of people within days!

What Does This Service Include?

This exclusive WeGrowth service includes an entire month of:

  • Creating properly curated ad campaigns while strictly following your guidelines
  • Mapping down the perfect audience based on either geographic location or certain Subreddits and specific person-based interests
  • Reporting about each ad set on a daily basis. Because Reddit is a social network where content is shifting back and forth at an amazing pace, if your ads aren’t performing the way they should, you should be the first person to know that.
  • Optimizing existing ads.

How To Start?

  • Some basic guidelines about your brand, as well as what you’re looking to achieve with a Reddit ad campaign
  • Access to a non-personal Reddit account used for running ads. This is strongly suggested even though you can run ads with personal accounts.
  • A credit card connected to a Reddit account


How many Reddit users will my campaign reach?
This depends roughly on the topic of your advertisement(s). You can send me an inquiry at any time and give me details about your business, and I will tell you how many people you can reach. The best topics at the moment are productivity, technology, finance, and health. These four have the highest number of active Reddit users (based on the content shared), and the highest number of people willing to review advertised products.

What is the best thing about Reddit ads?
Advertisements seen on Reddit are probably the best ads you’ll ever see or use on any huge website. Ads on Reddit look like regular posts, with an additional, yet small banner suggesting that the post is an advertisement. In addition to that, the username of the person who created the ads will be shown right below the post title. That’s all there is to it – Redditors can upvote your ads if they like them, or even leave a comment for any additional questions or feedback!

How important is the Reddit karma on ads?
It’s crucial for turning your campaign into a success – almost as crucial as the title itself! The number of upvotes your ad has will help you determine how your audience sees the campaign. Most blatant ads I’ve seen on Reddit have 0 upvotes, and guess what the reason for that is? An unattractive title, of course!

Can you make Reddit ads on other platforms?
Absolutely! Reddit is a cross-platform social network built for just about any device, and since all ads act like they’re typical Reddit posts, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Reddit also allows you to choose whether you want a Desktop-only audience, a mobile-only audience, or both. The difference is a single picture used to draw attention to your ad’s title.


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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