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Last modified: March 7, 2018

What is a sales page?

If someone came straight up to you and said:

“Hey, my product’s great. It’ll amaze you in every way, because I said so. Give me money and you’ll see!”

No introduction. No explanation. No mutual understanding. No proof. No offer. Just gimme gimme.


You’re going to tell the guy to get lost. You’re not going to buy something if you’re not convinced it’ll change your life for the better. No one likes sleazy hard sells or big claims with no basis.

That guy is going to turn off prospective buyers and maybe get a pity sale from his grandmother. If he’s lucky.

Now imagine someone approaches you, introduces themselves, and says:

“I can see you’ve got this problem. I get it – I’ve been there/seen the effects. I know you want to be in this place instead. I have this product that’ll solve your problem – here’s ten people who agree. Do you want to try it?”

You’re vastly more likely to stop and listen, like the guy, trust him, and realise, I need this product in my life.

That’s what a stellar sales page will do. You know the type – the big single landing page that hooks you and keeps you scrolling right to the pay button. No regrets or objections. It seduces you and leaves you hungry for the product – and leaves you convinced that you’ve made a great decision.

Now imagine you’re the guy offering the product. You’ve got a great sales page that converts like crazy and your product is flying off the figurative shelf. You’re made.

What does this service include?

  • a sales page

…er, that’s it?

Of course not. A sales page is a large project requiring serious research, communication, pizzazz and writing ability. One piece of work needs to convert a customer – and that’s serious writing chops.

A sales page follows a specific formula, tried and tested, that’s transformed into a letter matching your brand and promoting your product.

Your product might be a coaching service, an eBook, an eCourse, a live event, a conference.

That requires…

  • impeccable, stellar, personable writing
  • scannable, formulaic sub-headings and sections
  • in-depth customer research
  • in-depth case study research
  • credentials and proof
  • persuasive copy
  • suggestions for imagery and graphics
  • an FAQ

…at least. All products are different, and each page must be 100% bespoke and unique.

I’ll be upfront.

You probably don’t need a sales page in this format for physical products. If I feel you’d be wasting time and money on this, I’ll tell you. The results would speak for themselves and there’s little point in chasing a dead lead.

What do I need?

We’ll need to talk in-depth about the customer’s you’ve had, the ones you want, your product and service – in exquisite detail – and I’m going to need some testimonials and credentials. I’ll explain it all when we start talking, but unfortunately, there’s homework with this kind of sales.

It’ll be worth it. I promise.

A solid sales page smashes targets and converts cold and warm prospects alike into paying customers. If it does its job right, it’ll beat down objections and generate crazy leads – all in one go.

Great sales pages don’t need to be sleazy or smarmy. They sell products because they’re great, they achieve a goal, and they make the customer’s life better. They trigger hot buttons, they fascinate, they clinch.

They’re also big pieces of work. Sure, some sales pages can be only a few words – but not many products will fly off the figurative shelf with that formula. The big sales pages – the ones that require scrolling – are a fine art form, an exact science.

So you want to sell your product or service? Let’s go.


You might well have questions – volley them over and I’d be delighted to give you the rundown. In the meantime…

Who are you?

I’m Victoria, professional copywriter and content strategist who lives and breathes boss content. I’ve got a shiny English degree, I’m a qualified and published journalist in several newspapers (so I take deadlines pretty dang seriously) and I’m trained in digital marketing. I got a Distinction and everything.

What have you written about in the past?

I’m currently dabbling in the B2B technology space and luxury holidays. There’s a link on my profile page if you want to have a gander at my work.

What did your clients think?

Take a look for yourself.

“Victoria was a pleasure to work with. Her writing style is witty and moreish, and the blog posts really hit the target. I’ll be back for more.”

  • Andrew Bull | Founder of Bright Arts

“Victoria writes imaginative content that not only entertains the reader, but teaches them something too. Her content is always high quality, free of errors, and creative – three qualities that are essential to content that engages and retains readers. I recommend her highly for any writing project.”

  • Shannon Willoby | Director of Content Marketing at Scott’s Marketplace

“Having Victoria as a contributor to our blog is an editor’s dream. Victoria’s writing is sharp, personable and well-written, consistently going above and beyond on the topic at hand. I’m grateful to have Victoria to turn to for quality content!”

  • Sara Frandina | Co-head and Editor at One Woman Shop

How much time will this take?

This is a long piece of work. I’d say two weeks maximum, but more than likely it’ll take less time than that. We can figure that out.

How sales-y will this be?

Aside from actually making a sale, not in that car salesman way at all. No exclamation marks, no caps, no bright red text, no THE ABSOLUTE BEST BUY NOW nonsense. Ew. In almost no situation is it acceptable to have lowercase, uppercase, bold, italic, underlined and exclamation marks all in one sentence.

Can I mess with your formatting?

You can, I suppose, but I might break my screen. If I’ve broken up a paragraph, it’s for a reason. Every single formatting decision on a project like this is deliberate.

What about pictures?

I’ll provide the content, structured just so, with a bunch of suggestions for where pictures should go. There will be less than you think – but a great graphic designer understands that quality kicks way more ass than quantity.

This sounds kind of complicated. Will it be too much work for me?

I am going to need your help to begin with. I’m going to ask a barrage of questions and really delve deep into everything to do with your business, your product and your customers. It might almost feel claustrophobic. But the more I know, the more rocking the sales page will be.

Is every project unqiue?

100% bespoke to you. No exceptions.

Will you re-use the sales page without telling me?

Nope. It belongs to you once it’s finished. Aside from featuring the piece in my portfolio – and I’ll ask permission – it’s all yours.

What if I don’t like it?

I offer two rounds of edits as standard, so we can get it exactly right every time.

How do I contact you?

Drop me a line here and we can get cracking.


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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