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Last modified: November 19, 2017

Why Is Setting Up Social Media for Business Important?

You don’t have budget for social media like Coca-Cola does, right?

No worries, social media might not be one-size-fits all, but it is something that makes the most sense for your business in 2017. Even without the kind of exposure big budgets can provide you with, you can present your business in an awesome way. Let’s start with basics.

Everyone knows how important it is to have all social media accounts up and running, but few are wondering about:

  • Am I doing social media the right way?
  • Is my SM presence set up just right?
  • Are my profile and cover pictures of satisfying quality? Do they make my brand look awesome just as it is (as I, the Founder, saw it from the start)?

Let’s clear things up—you need to STOP making cardinal errors! When you decide to go on the quest to get a million likes and shares, don’t play with this first step.

What Does This Service Include?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular social networks, so it’s best you start with these three. Here’s what you will get in one week if you decide to opt for this service.


Having a Company Page is definitely the best way to use Facebook for advertising your business.

  • So, in the first step of our work I’ll create a new Facebook page using my personal account and Business Manager. Of course, I’ll give you the admin role afterwards and teach you how to take ownership of the page (the ultimate role).
  • After extensive research about your brand, I’ll create the needed content for your About section. This offers the opportunity to include information about your location, products, founding date, release date, and contact information.
  • After this comes the fun part! Since social channels must be a reflection of your website, I’ll use colors and images that you would use for your site. Also, the logo will make up the central part of your profile image (180×180 pixels) and I’ll design one new cover image ( 851×315 pixels) that will blend perfectly into the overall brand guidelines.


What you already know is that Instagram is unique since it is strongly focused on mobile first. This means a lot in terms of your business strategy and can be a game changer. Here’s what you’ll get with this service:

  • I’ll write the only information that will appear on your profile – a short (150 characters limit) but impactful bio.
  • Next, I will develop and use new #hashtags for your brand. Users like to see what kind of content you like to produce and promote before they start following you—custom hashtags will help.
  • I’ll create an Instagram profile picture (in most cases, the logo is shown as the central part of profile image). Dimensions: 180×180 pixels. The profile picture will be 110 pixels in diameter on the mobile app, so I’ll choose a larger square image since it will appear larger on the web.


Research says that Twitter gathers the most educated audience out of all the social platforms. This means that Twitter gives you a chance to reach out to your audience in a more professional and concise (140 characters) way. In this part of the service you’ll get:

  • Filling up of your Twitter bio. It is very minimal when you compare it to networks like Facebook (160 characters). There are only five fields you can update: name, bio, location, website, etc.
  • Also, on Twitter there is a theme color, so after I am done with research, I’ll decide which color will suit your brand’s needs the most and present it the right way.
  • As for the design part, I’ll create the Twitter header image (1500×500 pixels) and profile photo (400×400 pixels), so you’ll have a strong brand image on all three social media platforms

How To Start And What Do I Need From You?

  • Brand guidelines.
  • ½ hour Skype call regarding your brand’s vision.


Will you run my social media accounts after setting them up?
No; this service only includes me completely setting them up for you and then handing the ownership to you.

Can I see the photos and the content you’ll use for the profiles before they go live?
You sure can! I will send everything to you before I put the content on your profiles.

When will you finish all of this?
It will take me about seven days to complete everything mentioned in the service above.

Can you set up accounts for other social networks?
Yes, I can, but this will be charged additionally/separately from this particular service. If you would like to discuss this, feel free to contact me.

Will you create all the images for the accounts?
Like I said in the text above: yes, I will. I will deal with everything related to your accounts, including the graphics/images.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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