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Last modified: November 18, 2017

Why Use Social Media Management Service?

Your potential customers are online and they use social media not only to interact with their friends and companies, but to also search for information and solutions to their problems. If you or your business are not around to provide them with answers, your  competition will be.

Don’t let your prospects side with your competitors. You have to be present and active on social media, and make sure they know you’re listening to them. Making this connection will build your brand’s relationship with prospective customers.

Consider these two facts: Facebook drives more traffic than Google and 2.1 billion people (out of 7.2 billion people in the world) have an active social media account. Needless to say, being present on social media is of paramount importance.

What Does This Service Include?

Defining social media objectives and goals
To create a comprehensive social media management strategy tailored just for your brand, we’ll discuss and define the following: the channels (Facebook, Twitter and another one of your choice), the persona (your target audience, its characteristics and problems), the goal (brand awareness, improve sales, etc.), primary content type (images, videos or text), structure (what a post will look like), tone (more formal, friendly, etc.), and desired action (followers should visit your website, buy your product, etc.)

Social media efforts will support your company’s goals and will be directed towards its objectives. Of course, likes, shares and retweets are great, but generating leads, increasing referrals and conversion rates is what really matters.

I will set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals for each social media platform. For example, if you opt for Instagram as your third promotion channel, the goal will look something like this:

“I will communicate your company culture by posting photos of your team members/offices/events two-three times per week. The target for every post is at least 20 likes and two comments.”

As for the two primary platforms, I will grow your Facebook audience by 15 fans a week and your Twitter by 20 followers. In addition, all queries on these channels will be answered within 24 hours.

Conducting a social media audit
If your company has already implemented social media into its marketing mix, I will assess its current situation/progress before I create a new plan.

To be more precise, I will inspect who your followers are, which social media platforms your target audience uses and analyze your competitors’ social media efforts.

Creating (improving) your social accounts
If you don’t have social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter, I will build them from scratch, that is to say, fill them out completely with descriptions and profile/cover photos that represent your brand. I will rely on you to provide the profile picture/logo. Of course, these photos and text will be optimized for each social channel.

If you have social accounts, I will update the info provided. To do this, we need to have access to these accounts (usernames and passwords).

Creating a social media calendar
I will create a calendar/page plan in advance and send it to you for approval (we will discuss which day works best for you). The page plan will reflect the goals we have previously defined. It will list the dates on which I intend to publish Facebook posts and tweets.

Moreover, the plan will include image suggestions and, of course, all the posts I plan to publish. Links to the content I want to use will be included as well.

As for content, if your company has a blog, 50 percent of posts will lead to it. The remaining content will be allocated in the following way: content that comes from relevant sources, content that supports your company goals, promotes your business, shares your company culture and thoughts from industry leaders.

Last but not least, interaction with your audience will also be a vital part of the social media content. Once you approve the posts, I will schedule them with Hootsuite. Additionally, when I post content from other sources, I will use Sniply to add your custom CTA and drive traffic to your website.

Tracking, analyzing and reporting
In order to adjust my social media strategy, I will track and analyze every single action. To be more precise, I will track the number of clicks every link gets on these platforms by using Google and Sniply URL shorteners.

Furthermore, Twitter analytics will be used to analyze the reach, engagement and impact of tweets, whereas Facebook Insights will be used to track user interaction and find the best performing content. I will also need to have access to Google Analytics so as to track page visits from social media.

A social media report will be sent to you at the end of each month.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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