Startup Directories Submission Package

Last modified: November 20, 2017

Why Use This Service?

While having an amazing idea for a product or service is great, actually starting a business and gaining traction shows that having an idea is just the tip of the iceberg. As it turns out (according to many who have tried and realized), a startup idea represents some 10% of the entire process of launching a successful startup business. Actually building something that solves a real problem for some people, getting out there and gaining traction represents 90%.

If you are a newly launched startup or perhaps in a pre-launch phase, your thinking has to be far away from “build it and they will come”, because that is almost never the case.

Once the initial development hats are off, getting maximum exposure through different channels is something essential for every startup. You will want to be in as many places as possible, building domain authority (DA), gaining traffic, boosting your SEO or just utilizing a low-cost advertising alternative to reach potential customers. This is why listing your startup in online directories should be an essential part of a marketing strategy as a low-cost alternative to other marketing forms.

Be Different and Spice Up Your Startup Marketing Strategy

There are, of course, differences among startup directories. Doing this a few times, through trial and error, I’ve found that some of them get shut down, others are of questionable quality (which actually gets you in the bad SEO crowd) while some are just outdated. As Google really pays attention to whether or not you are in the good or bad neighborhood, paying attention and spending some time applying to directories will show its benefits in the long run.

The first thing that differentiates them (as is the case with all websites) is their DA. Covering all the best ones first is a sure way to go. Next up is choosing whether you want to be listed in those directories where potential investors, mentors, accelerators or co-workers can discover you more easily, unless this is something you have already covered. Some directories will offer to review your product or ask their community to provide feedback. Others are oriented specifically towards SaaS, Web Apps, Mobile, Unlaunched startups, B2B ones or require that your product is unique and interesting enough to get posted. It is true that there are paid ones, but many of them are entirely free!

In my experience, you need to invest a lot of time and work into listing a startup in directories with all the necessary information. Remember: this is just a part of the story. Keeping track of what happens on these directories, how much traffic/attention you are getting or which potential customers you should engage is the second part.

You can opt to do this like me, using trial and error, or choose this package and have it done properly for you.

What Does The Package Cover?

By choosing the Startup Directories Submission Package  you can count on a few things:

  • A defined brief plan on how the startup listing strategy will be done.
  • I will tailor the content about your startup to make the most out of directories.
  • Next, I’ll curate which directories are essential for your business.
  • Using my experience, I’ll avoid the possibility of getting into the “bad neighborhood”, therefore avoiding affecting your ranking in a negative way.
  • I will list you in essential startup directories, those where you will be seen as an alternative to existing and perhaps strong competitors, and those which are user-oriented.
  • I’ll also list your website based on how you would like to handle the review/feedback directories—once you decide to be listed in them, you won’t be able to opt out!
  • In only two days, I’ll be done with the initial listing. After that, I’ll keep track of the progress and keep you notified. I’ll wait for approvals and handle the communication with those that require it.
  • Good news! I’ll take care of directories that provide user acquisition and lead to signups, and communicate with possible users.
  • At the end of the month, you’ll get a report with all the information and clear, measurable results. This is why I need access to your Google Analytics account. Although it’s not essential, the report will be incomplete without it.

What Do You Need To Apply To Startup Directories?

As this activity suggests, the amount of information you’re willing to disclose about your startup influences which directories you can consider getting listed in. With that in mind here are the things I’ll need from you:

  • Your startup name, website, location, and social media links
  • Your startup logo
  • 3-5 high-quality screenshots of your startup
  • An elevator pitch (1-2 sentences, think 140 Twitter chars and have a few variations)
  • A detailed description (1-2 paragraphs, but consider variations as well)
  • A pitch deck is optional for most, but can come in handy
  • A pitch video is optional, but helps as some directories ask for it
  • Founding team names, while their short bios and LinkedIn accounts are optional
  • The founding year, number of employees and awards you can boast about
  • Information on current funding is optional on most, but helps with the best ones
  • Descriptive tags
  • Target customers, segments
  • The problems you’re solving
  • Who are your competitors? What makes you different?
  • Current traction and user base, optional on many, but the best ones require this info
  • A briefing on your goals
  • Access to your Google Analytics and/or Ahrefs, SEMRush

What Are The Benefits Of This Service?

  • Getting listed on 20 startup directories! (Bonus Pckg. +10)
  • Getting 20 high-quality DA backlinks in return (some are Do-Follow some No-Follow)
  • Generating more traffic and, hence, possible conversions or sign-ups
  • More online exposure, visibility and presence
  • Using a low-cost advertising alternative
  • Building your startup’s brand, professional outlook and credibility
  • Further boosting your Search Engine Optimization and increasing your page ranking
  • Getting reviews or feedback about your product from startup communities
  • Reaching out to or being discovered by startup investors, mentors or accelerators
  • The possibility of being seen and picked up by tech and startup journalists

Got A Question?

Feel free to contact me and I’ll provide you with all the information.

Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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