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Last modified: November 13, 2017

Why Use White Hat Link Building Service?

Want to drive more traffic towards your website, improve your Domain Authority, boost customer acquisition and brand awareness? Seeking for manual link building? Then you are in the right place!

What Does This Link Building Service Include?

With detailed research of your niche, I will find the most relevant source to promote your website. Whether it’s a social media group, a specialized forum or any other niche-specialized promotional channel, I will make sure to put your website on it.

Did you know that articles posted on Medium are used by some of the most popular websites, such as Yahoo News and Mashable? Of course, not all of the writers at Medium get this chance, but you will because I will write a 1000-word article and post it on my high-quality Medium profile!

Quora is also one of the best promotional channels out there at the moment—if you do it right! My answers get a lot of traffic and views (you will see the numbers on my Quora profile, don’t worry), so you will definitely benefit from it. I will find popular, niche-specialized Quora questions, and write a thorough and long (let’s say 500-700 words) answer. I’ll add (royalty free) images and promote the answer, as well.

If you are even a bit into SEO there is no need to say how much benefits can guest posting bring you. However, white hat backlinks are not that easy to get. Well, that’s where I can help! I will do a thorough research, high quality copywriting and manual outreach. Hey, I will do it twice! Yup, I am really a “nice guy” so you’ll get two published guest posts on niche relevant websites.

To summarize, with this link building service, you will get:

  • Promotion from a niche-specialized source.
  • An article on Medium.
  • Three relevant Quora answers + promotion.
  • Two 1000+ word guest posts on relevant websites with DA 50+.

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What Are the Benefits of This Bundle?

High quality link building!

(Quality) Guest blogging can bring you so much: from SEO benefits, such as higher Domain Authority and better ranking results, to new partnerships and collaborations. If you get a link on a good and relevant website in your niche (DA 50+), you will be able to build your brand awareness and acquire new customers. I’ll write a 1000-word guest post and post it on a website that will bring you all the benefits I mentioned above.

How to Start?

Since I’m going to send you a detailed report of my work and performance, I’ll need:

  • Access to your Google Analytics.
  • The keyword(s) you want to rank for.
  • Additional guidelines that we should follow regarding your brand (for example, if you want to maintain a certain tone of writing, editing etc).


What do you mean by a ”niche-specialized source”?
After doing thorough research for your niche, I will find a forum, blog, social network, group or any other source popular among readers in your industry and promote your website there. For example, I will write a quality forum post or blog comment, depending on the channel.

Why Medium?
Medium is a place where you can read, write and share articles, and it’s very popular among writers, marketers and journalists. That means that your article has a very good chance to be noticed by experts and influencers that can share or promote your article on their blogs, news websites, niche-specialized websites etc.

Why Quora?
Quora is a place where anyone can ask and answer questions, no matter the topic. Quora.com gets an estimated 40M visits every month, which definitely seems like a good reason to promote your articles there.

What do you mean by “Quora promotion”?
Upvotes and comments that will make your answer popular among others.

How will I know that the other website you post on is high quality?
The Domain Authority will always be higher than 50, like described in the service. If you are not familiar with metrics such as this one or how to check them, no problem—I will send over screenshots to you and links for you to understand them.

Will you add images to the posts?
Yes, I will add relevant, royalty free images and graphics to my posts so they look attractive to readers.

Can I review the articles and Quora answer before you post them?
I will provide one round of revisions for both articles and the Quora answer, so you can ask for any kind of edits—not an issue!

And if you have a question or two, do not hesitate to contact me!


Not sure if this service can help your business grow?

No worries, WeGrowth marketers are always open to answering your questions and discussing your business. Ask them anything, for free!

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