As you may have noticed by now, all the services offered on WeGrowth are unique. That is why we created this page to help you craft your offer in a way that aligns with the rest of the website. Before you start writing, we strongly recommend you go through the services that are already listed on the website just to get a general idea of what is expected from you.

Your offer can comprise a single service or a bundle. To be more competitive on this platform, we suggest that you bundle your services so that they cover all aspects of a certain marketing channel or segment. For example, you can offer both on-page SEO audit and website content writing services.

To get your service listed on WeGrowth, it’s necessary to follow these instructions:

Service Title

What title will clients remember?
Take your time to come up with a creative title. This is where you can differentiate yourself from the competition. A catchy title will go a long way, because that’s what will capture the attention of any potential client. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just add that extra kick to make your service more attractive. For example: instead of just writing “AdWords campaign”, you can spice it up and write “AdWords Yoda-San Package”.

Service Introduction

Why does someone need this service?
In 100+ words describe your previous experience and why you chose to offer this particular service. Explain how this service can be beneficial to a potential client and highlight the results that were achieved in the past. You don’t need to state the obvious benefits: SEO is important because… or Facebook generates quality leads because…
Focus on exact metrics and expected results instead. It would be good to cite an example from your experience, without revealing your previous clients, of course.

Service Description

What does this service include?
In 200+ words, write an in-depth description of what exactly your service entails. Try to describe the whole process for the client, don’t hold back the details. You can break down your service to smaller tasks and list them like bullet points. In addition, don’t forget to mention different online tools that you might use.

Service Benefits

What are the benefits of this service?
This one should be easy. In 100 words or more, list all the benefits of the service you offer. Here you should focus on the positive impact your client can expect from your activities.


What are the questions your future clients might ask you?
In this section, you should come up with three or more questions your potential client might have about your service. Once you do, put yourself in your client’s shoes and write detailed answers to them. Provide your clients with more information about your service and help them understand exactly what you’re offering. Examples of questions include: How long will it take for you to deliver the service? Do you offer revisions? Is this service the right fit for my website?

Offer your unique services and get in contact with startups.