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How To Maximize The Effects Of Direct Email Campaigns

No matter what you hear, direct email is not dead—quite the opposite, actually. This particular approach is at the core of most marketing strategies nowadays and for a good reason, too! According to the Direct Mail Association (2015 report), direct email campaigns actually achieve a stunning 3.7% response rate. It’s a pretty good reason to start using DMs (if you aren’t using them already).

If well-planned and executed correctly, DMs can truly boost your business and reach a larger audience. What follows are some tips that will help you maximize the effects of your direct emails and get the most out of this marketing tactic.

Target And Then Personalize
Everything feels better when it’s personalized, don’t you agree? But before you can start personalizing your direct emails, you need to target your audience and create a clear database of users you’ll send out your offers to. Targeted and personalized content has been known to generate more sales, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of that? When it comes to personalization, do better than just using your reader’s first name. Connect with them by including information relevant only to them (that you’ve gathered before your campaign).

Have A Clear And Effective CTA
All of the direct emails in your campaigns need to have one thing in common: compelling and varied calls to action. CTAs need to be very specific about what you want your users to do and they need to make your readers want to click on it. It’s not a bad idea to place your calls to action in a couple of spots throughout your emails, just to remind your readers of what they’re supposed to do and to convey your message one more time. Make sure your CTAs are visible, so that even those skimming the emails can’t miss them.

Keep Your Focus On The Benefits
Don’t go about describing all the features of your product/service in your emails. Your users can read about this on your website and they don’t care so much about the features, as much as they care about how what you offer can benefit them. If you have a pizza place, then make sure to say that your delivery is out of this world and that they get a discount for every third pizza they order. Emphasize the value and you’ll be able to attract more users to click on your CTAs and, ultimately, land on your website.

Measure The Success Of Campaigns
Before you create your emails and your campaign, don’t forget to set your KPIs and define what success means to you when it comes to this type of marketing. Why is this important? Because you’ll be able to measure the success of your campaigns with more ease if you set everything up beforehand. If you want to calculate the ROI of your direct email campaign, you might want to keep your eyes on metrics such as audience size, cost per mailing, response and conversion rates, total campaign budget, etc.

Test And Optimize Direct Emails
What’s important when it comes to direct emails is to test them out. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different versions of email, send them to different groups of people, and at different times throughout the day. So, once you receive feedback on your DMs and figure out what works and what doesn’t, you can optimize them and adjust them accordingly in order to get the best possible results out of your campaigns. Change up your offer and watch out for results—this is the only way to make DMs work.

Be Consistent, No Matter What
Here’s the truth: you won’t always get responses to your emails and your readers won’t always take action no matter how good your CTA is or how compelling your offer might be. Don’t let this discourage you in the slightest! When it comes to direct email campaigns, you need to be consistent and persistent, and you need to keep on emailing users from your database until you convert the email address to a customer. If your data is correct and you’ve tested everything out, you will definitely get great results.

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