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6 Things To Keep In Mind When Creating An Infographic

It’s a well-known fact that using infographics in content or link building strategies is a great idea. People have always loved looking at pictures, so what better way to pass on information about e.g. your business than through an interesting, visually pleasing infographic? However, what most marketers tend to forget is that their infographic needs to be better than any existing one out there—and that’s not easy to achieve.

Creating a quality infographic takes a lot of time, but it’s definitely worth it, because if it stands out in the crowd, you will manage to reach your target audience and boost your business. So, what are you supposed to pay attention to if you decide to make your own infographic? We’ve come up with a couple of tips that you should benefit from.

Define A Target Audience
There’s really no point in creating an infographic just for the sake of it. You need to have an outstanding, unique idea in order for your infographic to succeed, and to do this, you need to determine who your target audience is. If you keep your infographic targeted and relevant, you have a better chance of attracting the right users for your business. So, before you start designing, ask yourself the following questions: “Who am I trying to reach?”, “What problems do they have?”, “How can I help them out?”, and so on.

Go For Simple, If You Can
If you have various pieces of information that you want your users to know about, it’s better to separate them into more infographics than to try and cram everything in one, big pile of mess. Don’t allow your infographic to become overly complicated—it won’t seem too professional and your readers won’t be able to figure out what’s what. Instead of that, try keeping everything simple, with just the right amount of text and images. If you do this, you will definitely succeed in whatever it is you want to do with your infographic.

Always Show—Don’t Tell
One of the most important rules when it comes to writing (and content marketing!), that can also be applied to infographics. These posts are all about the visual, so make sure to show your story to the readers, not have just one photo and then pack your infographic with lots of text. If you need to use too many words, then you’re not doing something right. When designing your infographic, pay attention to whether it makes sense and whether the content matches the images—if it doesn’t, go back and change it up.

Create A Great Headline
Another rule that you’re probably all too familiar with. No matter what you’re writing—a blog, on-page content, a guest article, or an infographic—you need to come up with a killer headline. It’s the same as with any other piece of content: if your infographic doesn’t have an eye-catching headline, no one’s going to want to look at it, let alone read it. A good headline should describe the infographic in question, be short enough for readers not to dwell on it, understandable, and grab your user’s attention the moment they see it.

Focus On Flow
Your infographic is like a story: in order for it to be good, you need to focus on its flow. Most infographics come with a vertical design and your users read and follow it from top to bottom. For it to capture your readers’ attention, it needs to take them from one point to another smoothly, i.e. it needs to flow well. Great flow will make sure that your audience keeps on reading your infographic and the better your infographic is organized, the higher are the chances for you to convince them to take action after reading it.

Include A Call To Action
All infographics have one thing in common: they require closure of some kind. That means that you want to either include a summary at the end of your infographic or, better yet, a call to action. You need to decide what you want your infographic to achieve and then add the call to action to it accordingly. You can have your readers buy your product, sign up for something, learn/read more, download an ebook, etc. It’s completely up to you, but your conclusion/CTA needs to inspire your users to do this.

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