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The Anatomy of Good Keyword Research Service

There is no great SEO campaign without great keyword research. Your research will give you information not only how you are going to target your audience, but also all the potential you could miss. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to go beyond your competition and get exactly where you want – in front of your customers.

Search Intent Analysis

Before you can target by their search you have to understand what they search. With that being said, the key to success is find the most important keywords that will bring you in front of your customers with the lowest costs.

Keyword Competition Analysis

You share one important thing with your competition – audience. If they got to them before you it only means they knew where they are before you realize it. Exactly that is why you have to devote time to analysis of keywords your competitors use.

Long Tail Search Terms

A while back, search became more complex than one or two words. People started explaining to search engines exactly what they want. You have the service they are looking for? Than it is must for you to answer back to theirs explanation. Before others do that.

Semantic Keyword Research

Search engines know when somebody overuses a keyword just to be ranked and they can go from being friendly to downright unfriendly. But don’t worry, semantic keywords are here to ensure you still stay the best friend with search engines.

Local SEO Keyword Research

If your business have a physical location driving people to the store is probably at the top of your goals. Targeting local keywords is not the same as targeting overall keywords – you need different strategy and focus.

Keyword Mapping

Once you have your keywords ready to be used, you have to put them in action for your goals. Keyword mapping is the process of assigning the right keywords to specific pages. It will impact not only your on-page SEO buy further campaigns, too!

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