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6 Tips For Designing A High-converting Landing Page

Landing pages play a huge and very important part in any (successful) inbound marketing strategy. All of your lead generation efforts and all the campaigns that you run won’t have that much of an effect if you don’t have well-designed, custom landing pages for them. After all, you don’t want your future users to end up on your homepage every time they click on a link?

A large number of landing pages can have a huge impact on your lead generation, sure, but quantity is not the only thing that matters here. If you want your landing pages to perform well, you need them to look good, too. Quality design can be quite challenging, especially if you’re unsure where to begin and what to focus on, so we wanted to help you out a bit and provide you with a couple of tips that have worked for us over the years.

Be Concise And Straightforward
Here’s what you need to know: people who come to your landing page, come there for a reason, so make sure they find that reason quickly and without too much fuss. If you make them look around your page for too long, they will get bored (our attention spans are pretty low) and leave your page, which will results in high bounce rate and no conversions for you. So highlight the value of your offer, let them know how it can help them out (solve their problems), and keep everything as brief as possible.

Don’t Clutter Your Pages With Visuals
Nobody likes clutter—especially on landing pages. Like we’ve already mentioned, the point is to stay as succinct as possible and display your message without overwhelming your users. The same goes for visuals: if you’ve got too many of them, it will only distract your audience (even annoy them), without making them actually take action. What cool graphics also do is increase the loading time of your website, which results in fewer page views and a loss in conversions. So, use only the images that make sense on your landing pages and not too many of them.

Contrasting Colours Are Your Friends
You want your users to take action once they arrive to your landing page, but how are they supposed to do that if your CTA button doesn’t stand out on the said page? You need to make your main button pop and really call your audience to action, which is why using contrasting colours on your landing pages is an excellent idea. For example, if your entire page is a pale shade of blue, you’ll want your CTA button to be bright orange or pink, in order to really capture the attention of all of your users.

Remember To Format Everything

Formatting makes everything easier! A lot of people disregard this part of landing page creation (which is the easiest part in the whole process), but it’s actually what helps people navigate your page with more ease and stay there longer. If you want to design a user-friendly page that will help you emphasize your offer, then you should definitely pay attention to your headlines, images, copy, and anything else that needs formatting. Don’t be afraid to use bullets and bolds to your advantage, too—they do help.

Make Sure Your Logo Is Visible
Each one of your landing pages (no matter how many of them you have) should have your logo strategically placed on them. Your logo doesn’t have to be big and eye-catching and take the focus off the e.g. CTA button, but it needs to remind your users where they are. They need to be aware of the fact that this is your business and that everything you have to offer is purely yours. So, once you decide where you want to place your logo, make sure to always keep it there in order to be consistent!

Social Proof Is Always Welcome
New users love reading feedback, comments, and testimonials created by older users, so why not add social proof to your landing pages? If your audience can’t leave comments directly on your website, try finding some feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks, and quote people. Of course, make sure to ask those people if you can quote them on your website. Social proof will add credibility to your website and eventually boost your conversions, so don’t forget to include it.

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