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Email Marketing For Lead Generation: Best Practices

It’s all about leads, isn’t it? We’re always after leads and once we get them, we want more, and we try to come up with new ways to acquire more. Naturally, there’s plenty of ways for you to go about this and you’ll hear different stories from different entrepreneurs. Some tactics are more successful than others, some more expensive, so you’ll have to pick out those that work best for you.

However, the one tactic that everyone seems to love and use as often as possible is email marketing mostly because it’s still one of the most effective marketing strategies available. Is it easy to make email campaigns work? No, it’s not, but well-structured emails are definitely worth both your effort and your time. If you want to make sure that your emails generate leads, then stick to the following practices whenever you can.

Craft Click-worthy Subject Lines
The first and possibly most important step on your email journey. Why? Because this is what people see first when they receive an email and what usually motivates them to read the entire thing (just think about it: how many times have you been in this situation?). While there’s no magic formula that will make your audience open your emails, there are a couple of things you can pay attention to. For example, you want to keep your subjects brief, but to the point, and you don’t want to use the obvious clickbait (spammy) words such as “free” and similar.

Write Excellent Email Content
Once your future (or current) users decide to click on your email, they will come face to face with the content of your email. You need to keep one thing in mind: don’t disappoint them. Talk directly to them, and make your message and your offer clear—after all, you want them to keep on reading your email until the very end. If you want to get leads, it’s not a bad idea to include a whitepaper or an eBook in your email, and then have your readers register in order to obtain the info they’re after. In any case, just make sure your emails are relevant to them.

Include Compelling Calls To Action
Every good piece of content needs a great call to action. You can make your users read your emails, but once they’re done, what you need to do is make them take action and actually go to your website. Like mentioned before, this can be a call to download an eBook or register an account in order to gain full access to whatever it is you’re offering. Don’t include too many CTAs in your emails, for this can only confuse your readers. Use one, but make it effective, and top it all off with a great CTA button.

Put Your Landing Pages In Order

Before you even start sending out emails, you need to create the necessary landing pages that your visitors will end up on. You want these pages to be well-formatted, easy to navigate, and have a clear message that will tell your users exactly what they’re supposed to do once they arrive on those pages. When it comes to the landing page design, you want to remove any and all distractions on them, and only have the most important elements there, e.g. your message (in a concise way), your CTA, and value.

Don’t Forget The Follow-up Emails
Your job doesn’t end here! After successfully generating leads with your email campaign, you’re going to want to send follow-up emails that will carefully guide your leads through the rest of your sales process. You can share valuable information that will make it easier for them to navigate your site or offer advice—it’s completely up to you. What you shouldn’t do is skip out on follow-up emails, because they are what will keep your users interested in your website even after registering.

Make Your Emails Shareable
Some people won’t click on your fantastic CTAs and that’s okay! You can’t win all the time, but what you can do is make your emails shareable so that those people who think “this is not for me” can forward the email to someone who might be interested in your offer. There are a couple of ways for you to do this. You can ask your readers to forward the email or you can add a button that will do it for them automatically. You can also include social sharing buttons so that people can share your offer on their accounts.

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