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Tips On Building A Comment Marketing Strategy

If you can come up with a good strategy for comment marketing, you should be able to increase the number of visits to your website. If you opt for this marketing method people will arrive at your site either via your profile (by clicking on the link you put there) or the links you leave in comments on other users’ blog posts and articles. Along with increased traffic, commenting can also lead to exposure and people sharing your content and your links to other websites and portals. The more quality comments you leave, the more will users recognize you as an expert and begin to respect you.

However, comment marketing is not as easy as it may seem. You can’t just leave comments randomly and hope for the best. You need to have a strategy that will make comment marketing work for you and your business, so here are a couple of tips on how you can build your very own strategy.

Determine Your Goals
Do you want to work on your link building or grow your audience on social networks? Are you looking to spread the word about your brand or engage with various influencers and authors? Whatever you decide to do is completely up to you, but you do need a clear picture of what the goal of your comment marketing strategy is. Based on your goal, you’ll know where to leave comments, which authors to talk to, and what to write in your posts. So, before you start commenting on people’s blogs, go ahead and define your goals.

Identify Target Blogs And Sites
Once you determine your goals, you’ll want to make a list of blogs and sites you want to leave valuable comments on. This doesn’t have to be a list of 100+ websites, it can be 10, but make them count! It’s easier to build a reputation and leave quality comments if you have fewer websites to work with. The ideal list would consist of sites that publish content regularly and have high traffic volume. Naturally, they should have something to do with your industry, in order for your responses to make sense.

Do Your Research
Don’t comment on posts the moment you find them. Take some time to get to know the author or the website, what they usually write about, what type of comments other people left, which ones the author responded to, etc. If you do this, there’s a better chance for you to get noticed by the writer in question and establish a connection with them. With this in mind, try not to skip out on this step because it is an important one if you want to build a great comment marketing strategy.

Keep Track Of New Content
Why should you do this? Because keeping an eye out for new content can help you be the first to comment, which will get you noticed by readers the moment they finish reading the post. If you can leave a comment in the first 30 minutes to two or three hours from the moment it gets published, you definitely won’t have to worry about your competition. To keep track of the content you want to comment on, you can set up alerts, subscribe to updates, or e.g. follow an author on Twitter and get a notification when they publish something.

Measure What You Do
Here’s the truth: comment marketing is hard to measure because you can’t actually see how many people viewed your comments. However, if you want to track your progress, this should definitely be done. Instead of measuring actual comments, you can monitor traffic and visits coming to your website from the site you left a comment on instead. You can also look at whether or not you got new followers on social media and you can see where your new links came from. Measuring comment marketing isn’t easy, but it’s doable.

Use Social Media
If you want people to learn about you, what you’re doing, and promote your comments, then don’t be afraid to use social media networks to your advantage. Twitter is especially good for this purpose because you can write about how you left a comment on someone’s post (if it’s valuable and high-quality, of course), include a link, and let the world see what you wrote about. Plus, the author of the text you commented on will see your tweet if you mention them and start appreciating you more because of it.

Forum Marketing: Tips And Tricks To Live By

Nowadays, forum marketing doesn’t get as much credit as it used to; mostly because at one point marketers got carried away and turned forums into their online playgrounds. At the time, it didn’t matter where you posted your links or how often you posted them—everyone lived by the rule “the more, the merrier”. Needless to say, things went downhill from there, and people got not only penalized by webmasters but also received poor backlinks and even poorer traffic. So, marketers decided that it’s better to stay away from forums altogether.

However, despite their bad reputation, forums still present one of the best ways for website owners to find new users and promote their business, plus boost their SEO along the way. The questions remains: how are you supposed to do this without being spammy? Here are a couple of tips that should help you out with your forum marketing game.

Don’t Break The Forum Rules
Every quality forum has its own set of rules that you should read before you start doing anything. Both forum users and moderators will notice if you are up to anything suspicious that breaks the rules, so if you want to remain a member, steer clear of trouble. Plus, reading the post with forum rules will help you get to know the community better, it does’s and dont’s, and make it easier for you to build your profile. Once you’re done reading these, you can move on to introducing yourself on the forum.

Build Your Profile
Here’s a very important part when it comes to forum marketing: building a trustworthy profile. You don’t want to arrive to a forum and start posting right away, without letting the community know who you are and what you are about. Fill in your profile, write a short description about yourself, and introduce yourself in the “Welcome” post. People respond positively to these posts and actually like to see that you are a human being and not just someone paid to post comments on their forum.

Read What Others Say
Before you start looking for topics to post your answers in, it’s a good idea to wander around your forum of choice a bit and see what others posted before you. Dedicate a couple of hours to reading others’ answers and threads, and find out what they like and don’t like. Learn as much as you can, because these are your potential customers and you want them to be happy. Reading discussions can even become a daily thing, plus it will help you find the latest and best posts on forums.

Post Fairly Regularly
Naturally, you don’t have to post 20 posts per day right away (20 is a bit too much for one forum, to be honest). Start off small—pick a couple of forums and post one or two answers per day on each. This will help you build authority and let other forum members know that you’re here to stay. Remember, this is still not the time for you to post your links or content or any other promotion for your business. This is still the “getting to know them” part, where you just want to establish connections and credibility.

Make Valuable Contributions
When picking out topics to respond to, don’t just pick the hottest ones just because they’re popular at the moment. You want to contribute to the community, show members that you have something to offer, and the best way to do this is chosen threads and questions you actually know answers to. Provide people on the forum with valuable insights and let them know you’re there to help them out no matter what and that you are not there just for the sake of your business. Contribute, engage, and do it all over again.

Don’t Spam, No Matter What
Whatever you do, refrain from spamming.Once you develop real relationships with the forum members and moderators, you can go ahead and make your business known. Start off by adding a link towards your website into your bio and then, if the forum rules allow it, a signature that links back to your website. Post a link to your content in threads only when it makes sense and not too often. After all, it’s better to have two quality links, than none. If you follow these tips, you’ll get the most out of forum marketing.

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