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Tips And Tricks For Optimizing LinkedIn Ads

If you want to expose your brand to a professional community, there’s no better social media platform for you than LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows marketers to target their ads based on, for example, job titles or industries, and display their advertisements to people who are interested in their company/product/services. Seeing that the audience on LinkedIn won’t mind seeing your ads, investing some of your budget into advertising on LinkedIn is definitely worth the money. Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of LinkedIn ads, starting today.

Write A Strong Copy
If you have any experience with SEO, copywriting, or marketing in general, then you know just how powerful words can be. LinkedIn ads are no different than any other copy out there—the better it is, the more attention it will attract. It’s as simple as that. If you want to capture the attention of your audience, make your ads clear and useful, your titles eye-catching, and keep the message simple. You can and should show that you are familiar with the industry you’re talking about, but don’t use only jargon if you don’t want to bore your audience.

Use Relevant Images
Finding a great photo to match your copy is hard, but if you do find the perfect one, you’ll have more chances for people to notice your ad. Visuals are the simplest ways to grab your audience’s attention and make your ads more appealing, so don’t forget to include a relevant photo in your LinkedIn advertisement. LinkedIn itself says in its Help section that “Sponsored content with images and video tends to perform better”. It’s best that you use your own photos, but if you can’t, rely on stock images for help.

Target The Right Groups
Before you go about creating your ad, do your research and build audience personas. This will help you find out which group your customers belong to and how to target them. Now, like we already said, you can target your audience based on job titles/functions, categories, or even features. What’s important to remember is that you need to mention that specific job title, category, or feature/product in your ad if you want your audience to notice you. This way, only the right people will click on your ad and you won’t waste your budget.

Test Everything Out
This is incredibly useful and important when it comes to any type of ads, really. Before your ad goes live, try testing out different versions of the ad to find out which one works the best for you. If you opt for the text ad option, you’ll be able to create up to 15 variations of one ad, which will ultimately tell you what attracts people the most to your ad. Change up the image, title, content, and destination to see what your users enjoy and what they’d like to see more of. Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to this.

Bid A Bit Higher
LinkedIn offers what is called a “suggested bid range”, which basically means this: the higher the bid, the higher are the chances for it to be better than that of your competition. If your bid “loses”, you’ll get less impressions and clicks. So, don’t be afraid to bid above the suggested bid in order to get to the top of the auction and obtain the necessary impressions/clicks. Aside from bids, you can also set your daily budget on LinkedIn by either cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Track Your Ads’ Performance
Measuring how your ads perform is important, because how else are you going to work on improving your ROI and your ads? Thanks to the LinkedIn ads campaign manager you can monitor your impressions, costs, clicks, and other metrics with ease. This way, you’ll find out what’s working for your business and what’s best to forget about in your future campaigns. Tracking your ads on LinkedIn (using analytics) is also important because they can be a bit more expensive than ads on other social media platforms.

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