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How To Maintain And Optimize Your Pinterest Account

To be honest, Pinterest is probably not the first platform that will come to your mind if you decide that you need a social media marketing strategy. It’s actually one of the most overlooked networks out there and people usually don’t understand how great of an impact a well-run Pinterest account can have on your business.

This unique social network has 150 million users, which is quite a lot, and it keeps on growing. More and more businesses are beginning to see the true potential of this visually pleasing platform, but not all of them know what it takes to have a successful account. The Internet offers a variety of guides that can give you a helping hand with this, but to start you off, we’ve prepared a couple of tips that will tell you how to best optimize your Pinterest account.

Post Your Pins Regularly
Seems fairly easy, but for a lot of people this is the trickiest part of maintaining any social media account. If you want to gain a larger audience and let the world know everything about your brand, you need to pin posts frequently, even a couple of times per day. However, there’s a trick here, too: don’t pin posts one right after another. Space out your pins in order to avoid overwhelming your followers with content. You can do this by scheduling posts and having them published at different times throughout the day.

Use Rich Pins To Your Advantage
A lot of people (especially those who aren’t familiar with Pinterest) are not aware of this platform’s free feature called Rich Pins. Rich Pins are there to make pinning easier and enhance the entire user experience on Pinterest by adding more detail and information on the pins. There are five types of Rich Pins: Article, Product, Recipe, Movie, and Place. Based on your business, you can choose which ones are the best for you, e.g. Product pins can show the price of your products, Movie pins rating information, and so on.

Optimize Descriptions In Posts
Believe it or not, descriptions in pins do have a purpose of their own—especially if you add some of your most important keywords to them. Pair a great image with a keyword-based description, and watch your pins soar. What’s also great is that you can add a link to your post and then direct your followers straight to your website. You have up to 500 characters for your descriptions (although only 75-100 will be seen in grid view), so use them well! As for hashtags, they are not as relevant as those on, say, Twitter, plus Pinterest recommends not using them.

Make Boards With A Clear Focus
The main message here is “don’t mix and match”. What we mean by this is don’t pin all of your posts on the same board—this will only create a mess. Focus your boards instead and post only similar pins on them. For example, use one board to post photos of your products, and another one for how-to guides. This will make your account more organized and help your followers browse your pins with ease. In addition to this, make sure to categorize your boards, because this will make it easier for new people to find your account.

Diversify Your Pins As Much As You Can
Pinterest presents a great platform for anyone who wants to pin original content and promote their brand, but this is not where you should stop once you start pinning your posts. Try to diversify your boards by posting all kinds of pins from other authors and showing your followers where your interests lie, what you like, and what you would recommend to them. After all, it’s not fun following someone who just posts their own content. Pinterest is a creative social media platform, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Interact With Other Pinners
You’ve probably figured by now that Pinterest is more about saving and sharing posts than about interacting with other users, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid doing this. It’s still a social network! Aside from repinning and using group boards, you can also like someone’s pins, comment on them, send pins to the people you’re following (and even people who don’t have Pinterest!), tag users in your posts, and send messages. It’s a great way for you to establish valuable connections with your followers, so don’t hesitate to communicate!

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