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6 Great Q&A Websites To Try Out

Not only are Q&A sites fantastic for finding answers to questions such as “What do feminists think of Eminem?” and “What’s the highest point on Earth?”, but also driving targeted traffic to your website. If used in the right way, Q&A websites can give you ideas for your strategies, promote your business, and ultimately improve your SEO rankings. If you’re planning to add these websites to your marketing mix, but don’t know which ones to go with, we have a couple of suggestions for you.

One of the most popular Q&A websites out there and one of the biggest sites in the world. If you haven’t used it, you’ve probably at least heard of it. Quora covers just about any topic or interest you can think of, and provides its users with answers to their burning questions. What’s important to remember about Quora is that reputable experts (including Mark Zuckerberg, MIT professors, etc.) deal with all of those questions and actually provide people with valuable, information-packed answers. If you decide to use Quora, remember to choose your questions well and give authoritative answers to them.

Yahoo! Answers
This website has been around for ages and usually appears in Google’s top results when you search for a certain question. You can’t miss it, really. While responses on Yahoo! Answers might not be as reliable as those found on Quora, they are still highly popular among users worldwide. Why? Because what Yahoo! Answers lacks in quality, it makes up in quantity, i.e. a huge amount of questions. This platform is excellent for anyone looking for content marketing ideas, plus if you establish yourself as an expert there, you will be able to drive significant traffic to your website.

You’ve probably visited Answers.com at least once in your Internet lifetime, because just like Yahoo! Answers it’s bound to be one of the first results you see on Google. Answers.com offers a simple layout and makes finding any answers that you need easy via either the search bar at the top of the page or one of the available categories. Just like Quora, it’s full of experts ready to provide you with the response you’re after and if you become one of the experts yourself, you can really make a name for yourself there. People get to decide whether your answer is useful or not, so do your best to write something valuable.

Stack Exchange
What’s special about Stack Exchange is that it boasts separate, mini-Q&A sites for a variety of different topics, although most of them deal with education and technology. These mini websites are divided by topic, so you can easily find something related to your niche, and you can see exactly how many views each question has. If a post has a lot of views and not too many answers, then you should definitely pitch in with yours. The key to being the best on Stack Exchange (and gaining traffic) is the same as on other Q&A websites we mentioned—sharing relevant, quality content.

Super User
If you work in a tech-related industry, then this is the Q&A website for you. Super User is full of great answers to some serious computer and electronics-related questions, which is the main reason for its popularity. While not every marketer will be able to make use of this website, power users and computer enthusiasts surely will. You can browse posts either by questions, tags, and even users, and find what you need on Super User’s pages. Super User is actually a part of Stack Exchange’s network, along with Stack Overflow and Ask Ubuntu. Ideal for power users looking to get more traffic.

A little less known on the web, but still a great Q&A site you can use to ask and answer a diverse range of questions. All you have to do is sign up and then ask all the questions that you want or share your vast knowledge on a certain topic with people online. Just like on other websites we mentioned, Blurtit boasts a large number of categories that encompass everything from health and education to science and tech. It’s a great place for you to connect with people and eventually become well-known for your knowledge and expertise among Blurtit’s users.

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