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Why Should You Start An Email Marketing Campaign?

Despite the growing popularity of social media, email marketing still remains one of the most profitable marketing methods out there. Thousands of businesses worldwide use email marketing on a daily basis and there’s a good reason for it, too. Not only does this particular marketing tool drive better ROI, but also helps you target your audience and improve your engagement rates. So, no matter which industry you’re in, here are a couple of reasons why you should make use of email marketing.

It Increases ROI

The reason why email marketing is so appealing to business owners is because it drives excellent return on investment—it’s as simple as this. Of course, this isn’t really a surprise, seeing that it’s results that matter in the business world. Just think about it: email marketing comes with no print costs, no advertising rates, and no postage fees. Back in 2011, the Direct Marketing Association concluded that email marketing returns $40 for every $1 spent (on average). Pretty interesting, don’t you agree?

It Is Low-cost

Like we mentioned before, when you dive into the world of email marketing, you don’t actually have to deal with print costs and similar fees. You don’t need to have a certain number of marketers, analysts, and designers to make this work. Needless to say, this marketing method is far more affordable than your usual, mainstream ones, which is a benefit (a valuable one!) of its own. All email marketers need is a great software or a service that will track and evaluate their emails once they start their campaign.

It Is Targeted

With this type of marketing, you can control exactly who sees your emails by simply segmenting your audience based on their demographics, lead status, location or other data. This way, you get to target your users and have them receive emails that fit their needs. Targeting your audience and customizing your messages has proven as a great tactic to get higher conversion rates. This is what good marketing is all about—sending emails to people who are most likely to respond to them.

It Boosts Brand Awareness

This reason might be obvious (after all, which marketing method doesn’t bring brand awareness), but it should definitely be mentioned. Every time you send out an email, you expose your audience to your brand and business, but in order to keep your users coming back to your website, you’re going to need a plan that you’re going to stick to. Be consistent, both in terms of content and design of your emails, and when and how often you want to send them. This way, your audience will be more likely to remember and value you.

It Is Easy To Share

There really isn’t anything easier than forwarding an email with a great offer or a deal to your family members, colleagues, or friends. All it takes is a click for your email to get to someone else and for other people to learn about you. Once people start sharing your offers, your brand will gain both credibility and exposure, which is what every business owner is after. Remember: only a few types of marketing can be as easily shared as this one, so don’t hesitate to take full advantage of it.

It Can Be Measured

One of the best parts about email marketing is that you can easily see exactly where you went wrong and how to fix it. You can track your campaigns without any trouble and get valuable and accurate metrics, such as open rates, subscriber retention rates, click-to-deliver rates, and delivery rates. Keep in mind that these metrics are also there to provide you with insights about your customers—you can learn about their behaviour and interests, and adjust your campaign accordingly (and almost immediately, unlike e.g. print advertising).

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