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6 Reasons Why White Papers Are Better Than Blogging

Writing a 2000-word long, information-packed blog post is not an easy feat. Writing (and reading!) an 8000-word white paper? Even less so. Yet, somehow, white papers have proven to be better pieces of content than regular blog posts. Is it because of their length or value? Is it really because they’re better for SEO? Probably all of the above plus the fact that you can use a white paper for a blog post (convenient!), because there’s enough material to go around.

In B2B marketing, white papers are far more meaningful than your old blog posts and buyers consider them to be more serious and, yes, valuable. If you’re thinking about diving into this particular world of content, but aren’t quite sure whether it’s a good idea or not, here are some reasons why we believe white papers are better than blogging.

Better For SEO
First things first: like we mentioned above, a white paper is longer than an average blog post. No matter how long your post is, a white paper will be longer than that. If there’s more content, there’s more of it to optimize, which will help you get on Google’s first page more quickly. White papers are also excellent for SEO because they provide your readers with in-depth information about a certain problem and with a solution to it. They offer information that you probably wouldn’t find in a much-shorter article and content that’s evergreen i.e. can be used for years to come.

More Valuable For Readers
Online users never stop looking for quality content that will help them out, one way or another. If you think for a second that a white paper is not practical because of it’s length—think again. Over the past couple of years, longer has become better, and if it’s written well, your readers will find it invaluable. For example, if you a have a more complex product to promote and describe, it’s much better to write about it in a white paper and provide your readers with everything they need to know, than use a 1000-word blog post to do the same.

Build Credibility And Trust
Because of their professional style, white papers will help you build credibility and gain trust of your potential customers. It’s a tale as old as times—once people see that you know what you’re talking about (and what better way to show off your knowledge than with a 15 pages long content?), they become more inclined to trust your expertise and your brand, and come back to your website to see what your product or service is all about. A white paper is also a great way for you to attract business partners, because anyone who wants to cooperate with your company will want to know all the details about you.

Generate Leads
White papers have a high conversion rate, which make them favourites among marketers worldwide. The high conversion rate stems from the fact that they offer both educative content and marketing material in one single document. In one PDF file you get a text that looks both like a magazine article (albeit longer) and a brochure for your business. Because of this, not only do your users learn something new after reading it, but it also sparks their curiosity and makes them come over to your website to see what you’re all about. Hence, more leads for you.

Can Be Recycled
Remember when we said that you can turn your white paper into a blog post? Thanks to its length, you can divide your white paper into a couple of parts and use it as new posts on your blog. That’s not really something you can do with an article, is it? Basically, you can recycle your white paper and have quality pieces of content to post online for quite a while. If you want your readers to read your entire paper, just add a link to your blog post and redirect them to your white paper with ease.

Build Mailing List
Building a mailing list can be difficult, but with white papers it can become a lot easier. Instead of convincing someone to sign up to your newsletter to get updates, you can offer the white paper as a reward for signing up. That way, people will be more motivated to subscribe to your newsletter and will leave their email addresses with you. Naturally, you need to make sure that the subject of your white paper contains something that actually interests your audience, so that they have enough motivation to sign up.

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